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Moonbikes Electric Snowbike

If you’re looking for the fun of an E-bike with the power to take on the snow like a snowmobile, say hello to the Moonbike – the world’s first 100% electric snow bike. Moonbikes didn’t just set out to make another snowmobile, they set out to make a no noise, no smell, easy-to-ride snow bike that would allow you to enjoy the simplicity of hopping on your Moonbike and heading out into the powdery white snow.

They also set out (and succeeded) to make an environmentally-friendly motorbike – not only do they do this by removing the noise pollution, but also by leaving behind a minimal operational footprint. And even though it’s silent and simple, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerhouse. Moonbike’s power train is designed to provide a range of over 35 miles when equipped with an optional dual battery. The Moonbike is perfect for backcountry skiing, cabin trips, and even night rides! Prepare to have the most winter fun ever by getting yourself the world’s first 100% electric snow bike.


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