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Anker 633 Magnetic Battery

Anker not only provides hefty battery power with their power stations, but delivers the same long-lasting power with their magnetic batteries for smartphones! The Anker 633 Magnetic Battery is a step up from the Apple MagSafe battery pack, with the ability to charge an iPhone 13 Pro 1.8 times in a single battery charge, as opposed to Apple’s max of a 60% single charge with the same phone. It’s also a cheaper alternative, at $79 versus Apple’s $99.

The Anker 633 Magnetic Battery offers a secure, wireless charge, with strong magnets to attach securely to the back of your phone. It’s compact, yet packs a punch with its 10,000mAh battery, and offers a USB-C power delivery port and a USB-C charging cable to charge your phone three times faster than attaching via the magnet. There’s really no reason not to try it, especially with Anker’s worry-free 24-month warranty and excellent customer service.

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