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Hydrow WAVE Rower

Looking for a smaller machine that gives you the same rowing experience as the original Hydrow Rower? The Hydrow Wave Rower is the perfect machine for you. It delivers the same workout experience as the original machine with a 30% reduction in size. You can fit it in any room and maximize your workout space. Wave Rower’s frame is lightweight and durable, making it easy to pick up and move around the house.

The Hydrow Wave Rower features a smaller 16” rotating touchscreen with built-in speakers for stunning waterway experiences and workouts. Like the original Hydrow,  the Wave Rower also features Bluetooth for connecting to the app and accessories. 

The Hydrow Wave Rower comes in four new colors. Find your inner peace with the Forest Green or River Blue rowing machine. Match the color of the sun with Sunrise Yellow or Sunset Orange. With the Hydrow Wave Rower, you can exercise in style.


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