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Loom Waterproof Sneakers

Don’t let a rainy day slow you down, with Loom Footwear‘s Waterproof Sneakers. Whether it’s raining or hot enough to make most enclosed footwear uncomfortable, these breathable, comfortable sneakers are a shoo-in for all weather types. These shoes are waterproof. Not water resistant, waterproof. The technology behind it is not a spray or a coating like most other shoes that make the same claim, but rather accomplished through its multi-layered fibers.

Their H2-Go layer is made with 100% waterproof and breathable material that will let moisture and heat escape while keeping any water out. And not only will they keep your feet from getting wet, but you’ll look great wearing the sleek design that comes in black and white. They’re also antibacterial, lightweight, easy to wash, and feature non-marking, slip-resistant rubber soles that give you traction. Don’t have cold (and wet) feet – try out Loom Footwear‘s Waterproof Sneakers for yourself!

Keep Your Feet Comfortable


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