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BOWIO – Stylish & Innovative Book Light

BOWIO is a one-of-a-kind book light that is innovative, functional, and fashionable. Created by a team of avid readers, its unique form allows BOWIO to illuminate both pages of an open book, with no extra effort on your part. Carefully spaced warm daylight LEDs cast perfect uniform lighting, scattering light to maximize contrast and minimize glare. Here at Popcorn Gadget, we’re all about technology, and we’re all for the transition to paperless reading. However, there is no feeling quite like curling up with a good book before bed, and BOWIO makes the OG reading experience better than ever before.

BOWIO is strikingly elegant. When people see you reading with BOWIO, the world’s best book light, you are perceived with an instant additional layer of charm and sophistication. Even if you’re in bed by yourself in your PJs, reading has never looked this good. Whether you choose PU vegan leather, available in nine amazing colors; or top grain cow leather, which comes in three colors — BOWIO is a book light that matches your style.


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