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SONDORS Metacycle – World’s First Truly Affordable Electric Motorcycle

To call it an E-bike would not be doing the SONDORS Metacycle all-electric Motorcycle justice because it’s so much more than that. Altogether, it’s an entirely different beast!

Firstly, Metacycle’s speed tops out at a blazing 80 miles per hour. Secondly, the Metacycle has a range of up to 80 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, Metacycle drives 80 ft-lbs. of nominal torque, with peak torque rated at 130 ft-lbs.

With plenty of power to zoom around the city, dart through the trees, or zip up and down the coastline, a 4000 watt hour 72 volt battery makes range anxiety a thing of the past.

Moving on to price, SONDORS Metacycle is very affordable at only $5,000. This makes it the first truly affordable commuter electric motorcycle. If you want to cut your fuel budget to practically nothing, and you want to look extra stylish doing it — reserve yourself a Metacycle! Shipping is estimated for Q1 of 2022.


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