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Aventon Aventure – Step-through Ebike

Aventon’s Aventure step-through ebike is the perfect blend of power and versatility. With a 720Wh battery and 1130W motor, it has the longest range of any Aventon bike. The 4″ fat tires and front suspension ensure comfort on pavement or trail, while the integrated fenders keep you clean and safe through even the worst conditions. The Aventure Step-Through comes with a new backlit LCD color display, which syncs to the Aventon app. Get easy access to important ride metrics such as speed, pedal assist level, distance traveled, remaining battery life, and more. Use And with the touch of a button, you can control the integrated tail lights, share your most recent ride with your friends, or even change your ebike’s class rating. That’s right: Aventure ships as a class I ebike rated for speeds up to 20mph, but can be configured into a class II ebike with speeds up to 28mph. The Aventon Aventure comes in three colors and two sizes, so you’re sure to find the step-through Ebike to fit your needs. What are you waiting for? Get out there and Aventure!


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