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Portable Solar Fridge & Solar Freezer – LionCooler X50A

Did you know you can keep your food and beverages cool, or even frozen, using the power of the sun alone? If this sounds like science fiction, then you still need to meet the LionCooler X50A Portable Solar Freezer and Solar Fridge.

LionCooler is the first portable solar powered freezer and fridge, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves to camp, hike, or spend time outdoors. In as short as 20 minutes, LionCooler can cool its contents from 90° F to 32° F, making this solar fridge and freezer perfect for keeping up to 52 quarts of food and drinks cold or frozen.

Along its two other charging methods, LionCooler can be powered by a solar panel, making it completely eco-friendly if you choose to charge its battery this way rather than plugging it in to a wall or car outlet. On a full charge, the LionCooler X50A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer can keep contents at 32° F for ten hours, and there’s even a backup lithium battery to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The refrigerator ships with 1 DC power cord, 1 AC adaptor, and 1 solar charge cable. You can also monitor and control the LionCooler with the free mobile app, changing temperature and mode from your phone. The telescopic luggage style handle and optional durable 6″ wheels make it easy to transport, and the built-in LCD display lets you keep an eye on the temperature.

This handy and potentially life-saving gadget is truly a marvel. The ability to keep food and drinks cold or frozen without the need for ice, and without harming the environment, is an incredible feat. However, please be aware that the LionCooler X50A does not ship with an actual solar panel. You’ll need to bring your own (BYOSP?).

All in all, the LionCooler X50A Portable Solar Fridge Freezer is a great option for those who love the outdoors and want to be eco-friendly. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants a dependable fridge or freezer that doesn’t require ice, and it’s a must-have for anyone who might need to keep food and drinks cold in an emergency situation.


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