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Transform any bike into an e-bike instantly!

Jun 24, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

E-bikes have elevated urban commuting to an entirely new plateau. But even with the recent explosion of products available on the market, they still leave a lot to desire in the way of affordability and portability.

That’s why Som Ray, an award-winning designer from MIT, set out to create a solution to empower more commuters. The result is CLIP. CLIP is a portable electric motor that seamlessly attaches to any bike. CLIP gives you access to powerful, effortless riding at a fraction of the cost of an e-bike.

Built with a universal design to attach to any bike, CLIP uses a powerful friction drive to deliver smooth pedal assist, so you can crush your commute with ease.

We love CLIP’s portability. The beauty of an E-bike is they allow you to get to your destination without working up a sweat. However, off the road, they’re cumbersome. Wrestling an E-bike up to the safety of your office or apartment often leaves you equally exhausted. CLIP has a sleek profile and weighs as much as a laptop, easily fitting in a backpack so you can continue your travels without hassle.

We’re not the only ones ogling over CLIP.

Even in its early stages, this incredible innovation has gathered a long pedigree of awards and attention from some notable publications.

Pining for an easier commute, but a have a few things holding you back? You’re not alone. It can be hard to say goodbye to your favorite bike, and a new e-bike isn’t always in the budget. So, if you’re facing these obstacles, we strongly recommend taking a look at the CLIP.

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