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5 Crowdfunding Projects That You Should Back in July 2023

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Blog, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology, Travel & Outdoors

Welcome to July’s monthly round-up of Popcorn Gadget’s favorite crowdfunding projects! Every month, we share our top 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back.

Why Back a Crowdfunding Project?

Participating in a crowdfunding campaign goes beyond the satisfaction of backing an impressive project. It presents an opportunity to obtain the most favorable prices, as successful campaigns often offer appealing discounts. Moreover, you have the potential to acquire enticing perks, explore the inspirations of the creators, and even get a preview of your rewards and their estimated delivery time. Additionally, you become an eager early adopter of groundbreaking products and concepts!

Now, let’s delve into the five most promising crowdfunding campaigns worth supporting in July 2023.

PLAUD NOTE: ChatGPT Empowered AI Voice Recorder

With AI services like ChatGPT continuing to grow, so are related technologies like AI voice recording. Introducing the PLAUD NOTE, a ChatGPT empowered AI Voice Recorder! This small device attaches to the back of your iPhone or Android, making it easy to pull out whenever you need it. PLAUDE NOTE effortlessly records phone calls, voice memos, and lectures. In an instant, the recording is transcribed into text. Simply click the button on the back of the device, and let it do all the work for you.


With a 64GB storage capacity, you have over 480 hours of clean, precise audio recording at your disposal. In just a single charge, PLAUD NOTE can record up to 30 hours of content, providing you with multiple days of use before needing to plug it in. When it’s time to charge, connect the charging cable to any USB compatible power bank, and you’ll be ready for the next recording batch in 2 hours. 

PLAUD NOTE doesn’t just record your meetings. With the help of a ChatGPT-integrated app and PLAUD AI Membership, the device generates a transcript of your audio as soon as you finish the recording. Based on the situation you’re in, you can have PLAUD NOTE can create summaries, lists, mind maps, and more in 57 different languages. Additionally, you’ll also have access to cloud storage and file management.

The voice recorder can also store any personal data. Using the charging cable, you can connect the device to your laptop or desktop and transfer your data where it will stay encrypted and protected.

Liberate yourself from tedious note-taking with PLAUD NOTE.

Ever wanted the ability to take multiple measurements of a room in 1 go? Now you can with the VH-80A Auto Calibration Laser Meter. The VH-80A provides 3 measurements in 1 device: left, right, and distance. Overall, VH-80A can measure up to 262ft. With this function, you’ll save time and money, while increasing your work efficiency.

You won’t need to rely on bent rulers, tape measures, or the discomfort of kneeling down for measurements. Its durable, water-resistant design makes it the perfect tool to be used in any work environment, regardless of how rough, dusty, or wet the job will be.

Minimizing errors and uncertainties is crucial in the measurement process. With VH-80A’s auto-calibration technology, there’s no need to check bubbles on a level for horizontal alignment. The advanced laser module maintains measurements with an error range of just 3mm. VH-80A is also capable of measuring precise and accurate angles. Simply switch to angle sensor mode, place the device on what yo/≥,m’re measuring, and the angle value will be displayed.

VH-80A also detects uneven surfaces. It indicates surface areas based on a small light and circular symbol. If the surface is severely or moderately uneven, a red or yellow light shows. A green light appears when the surface is flat.

With the VH-80A at your side, you can say goodbye to clunky, slow, and inaccurate tools.

Looking for a coffee grinder that’s easily portable? Meet Cocinare Essence: the 2-in-1 Electric Coffee Grinder. Essence combines a stationary countertop kit and portable travel grinder into one sleek device. Its 38mm conical burrs cater to different flavor preferences, satisfying stringent standards from pour-over to espresso. The premium double bearings work in tandem to achieve precision concentricity of 0.01 mm, significantly improving particle size stability, while reducing noise and vibration impact. 

Essence provides immense versatility and refining to fit your desires. With an 80-level grinding scale, you can get a more consistent particle size from 150-1400 um, fulfilling your unique grinding needs.

Attention to detail is key when it comes to the art of coffee grinding. That’s why Essence features a Ground-Essence Shield. The shield prevents any unwanted spills of precious coffee grounds. No mess, no fuss – just pure automatic bliss.

The portability of Essence not only comes from its size, but also its cordless design. The grinder comes with a USB Type-C charging cord, so you can charge up before you leave. With a working time of about 60 minutes, you’ll have enough charge to grind 25 times, providing you with ample opportunities for coffee that can be stretched throughout the days of your journey.

Start your days and journeys refreshed with Essence Electric Coffee Grinder.

The summer isn’t complete without a versatile, outdoor chair. Introducing Talon Swivel: The Premium Ergonomic 360 Chair! This camping chair features a ball bearing module that spins full-circle, allowing for immense versatility and comfort. Its nylon material makes for a durable and water-repellent design. When setting up Talon Swivel, simply pull the legs of the frame away from each other, raise the retractable poles connected to the chair, pull up the chair’s zipper, and enjoy! The legs create a 20 inch gap between each other, providing maximum stability and durability.

There are many outdoor chairs out there that prioritize portability over size. Talon Swivel takes both factors into consideration. The chair is built to be wide and spacious enough for anyone to sit in, regardless of body type or height. When it’s time to pack up or move, it can fold down into a compact, lightweight package that’s easy to carry.

Maximize the enjoyment and comfort of your favorite outdoor activities with the Talon Swivel.

Cycling fitness machines just got an upgrade. Introducing freebeat Morph, a detachable indoor fitness ebike that can be used outside! This unique ebike packs a punch for your exercise routine and adventures.

The back wheel of freebeat Morph connects to a stand that locks it in place, allowing you to enjoy indoor fitness workouts. When you’re ready for an adventure, simply unlock the front fork and back wheel, slide it out of the stand, and go! 

freebeat Morph’s power comes from a detachable battery that goes into the frame of the ebike. Once the battery is inserted, simply push the button on the compartment cover, and begin your routine.

As you complete your indoor exercises, you charge the ebike! Your efforts on the bike directly recycle power by converting the calories you burn into sustainable energy that can then be used for your outdoor adventures. In just 30 minutes of indoor riding, you’ll generate enough energy to cover 10 miles of outside use. 

With freebeat Morph’s detachable phone holder, you can attach your phone or tablet to the ebike by adjusting the holder’s size. This way, you can easily view the workout options available to you through the freebeat App. The app grants you access to a variety of engaging ways to work your body. Go into scenic mode, and enjoy a freeing ride and view through your TV. Workout in tandem with your favorite music with the app’s music game. Increase your endurance using the online training classes created by real fitness instructors.

When outdoors, you can use the app to map out your favorite cycling routes and track your location through GPS.

The 4-level pedal assist features 12 magnetic cadences and speed sensors that make even the steepest hills a breeze. Additionally, the puncture-proof fat tires create a comfortable and effortless ride on any terrain. At the end of your workout, you can view your progress, and share it with friends and other users for encouragement, inspiration, and competition. Additionally, you can win awards when competing based on your riding data.

Experience a convenient, comfortable, and adventurous workout with the freebeat Morph 2-in-1 eBike.

These are our top 5 crowdfunding projects to back in July 2023. Offering an array of enticing advantages, attractive offers, and groundbreaking ideas, we anticipate that at least one of these projects will capture your attention and earn your support. We extend an invitation for you to join us in supporting these campaigns, and to play a crucial role in turning these visions into real-life products.

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