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5 Crowdfunding Projects That You Should Back in April 2023

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology, Travel & Outdoors

Welcome to April’s monthly round-up of Popcorn Gadget’s favorite crowdfunding projects! Every month, we share our top 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back.

Why Back a Crowdfunding Project?

When you pitch in for a crowdfunding campaign, you get more than just warm fuzzies from supporting a cool project. For starters, you lock in the best pricing there will likely ever be, as discounts are among the main draws of successful crowdfunding campaigns. You also can score some sweet perks, learn about the creators and what inspires them, and even get a sneak peek at when you can expect your rewards. Plus, you get to be on the ground floor of exciting new products and ideas!

Without further ado, here are the top 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back in April 2023.

Experience the art of coffee with TIMEMORE’s Electric Coffee Grinders: The 064, 078, 078S, and 064S. TIMEMORE uses 3 layers of precision turbo burrs that make coffee grinding consistent and quick. The turbo burrs in the 064 and 078 are perfect for creating Pour-Over, French Press, and Syphon coffee. In the 078S and 064S, however, the turbo burrs have flatter edges, expanding your coffee options to include Espresso.

TIMEMORE’s adjustable RPM allows you to fine-tune your brew and achieve your desired flavor. The 064 and 064S RPM can be adjusted between 800 -1200 RPM, while the 078 and 078S can go up to 1400 RPM. Once you’re ready to grind, just place the magnetically aligned container on the base and watch it automatically slide to the center smoothly and accurately. 

TIMEMORE makes cleaning a breeze. Each grinder has a rotary knocker that effectively cleans out fine grounds. Simply turn the knocker and the fines will be shaken off.

Any of TIMEMORE’s Electric Coffee Grinders are perfect for experiencing premium-quality coffee.

Enjoy Barista-Quality Coffee at Home


The Duovox Ultra Monocular is a partner for all explorers of the great outdoors. This lightweight, military-grade monocular lights up the dark. Whether you’re under the sun, under the stars, or in pitch darkness, the 1080 FHD resolution camera shoots in real-time full color.

Thanks to the Starvis CMOS sensor specifically designed for low light, you can take clear, colorful images and videos in the darkest environments. Furthermore, the Duovox Ultra features a built-in infrared illuminator for additional lighting and fewer missed opportunities.

With 7 IR modes, you can get a clear vision of your target from up to 500 meters away in complete darkness. With a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery, you have ten hours of uninterrupted use, or 5 hours with IR mode activated. Additionally, 128 GB of internal storage means you’ll have room for 1000 high-quality images, or 120 minutes of 1080 full HD video.

Capture sites and moments you never thought possible with the Duovox Ultra.

See Beyond the Darkness

Inflating objects by hand can be a real hassle. It’s time-consuming and takes up energy that can be spent enjoying the outdoors. The WAVE Pro will fix that! This smart pump inflates outdoor equipment up to 20 PSI in a matter of minutes, and the digital smart screen allows you to monitor the current and target pressures in real time.

WAVE Pro has two power sources to provide a limitless supply of power: a DC adaptor and 6,000 mAh rechargeable batteries. The pump is portable, making it super easy to transport wherever you’re going to enjoy the sun. Whether you’re inflating a children’s pool, an air mattress, or a power kite for kitesurfing, the WAVE Pro maximizes your outdoor enjoyment by saving you time and energy.

Inflate 2.5x Faster

Everyone has heard about folding bikes. But have you ever heard of a bike that slides into a smaller form instead? Introducing the Pop-cycle, a bike with a slidable back side. The bike is smaller, lighter, and collapses faster than a foldable bike. Pop-cycle’s core feature is its sliding body. Simply slide the horizontal frame to adjust and find the best frame spacing that works for you. The handlebars and pedals also fold, making the bike easier to carry and store in narrow or compact spaces like the trunk of your car. Because it occupies such little room, you can even take it on elevators without worry of imposing on others’ personal space.


In terms of speed, Pop-Cycle won’t disappoint. While bikes with 16-inch wheels have an average speed of 12 miles per hour, Pop-Cycle has used a proprietary mechanism to achieve an average speed of 20 miles per hour. This is achieved by maximizing the gear ratio with a dual speed gear that allows the wheels to rotate twice as much.

Pop-cycle is also eco-friendly. Most bike manufacturers use conventional welding to build bikes. Pop-cycle uses a frame manufacturing method that doesn’t require welding, reducing the number of steps involved and resulting in a significant decrease in emissions.

All in all, Pop-cycle is a great bike to buy, offering both innovative, space-saving design and eco-friendliness.

Take Your Ride Anywhere

Ice-cold drinks just got a whole lot cooler. Introducing the Jewel Ice: a crystal clear, slow-melting ice maker. Its patented 3-stage thermal insulator creates perfectly dense ice with minimal air bubbles. The case is compact, making it easy to fit inside your freezer. Simply remove the mold using its handle grip, fill it with water, place it back in the case, and freeze! Included are molds for four different shapes, each meant for specific drink styles. For example, Jewel Ice’s dishwasher-safe, silicone mold creates up to 6 sticks of ice. Create 2 long 120mm by 35mm sticks for the pitcher or cocktail server, and 4 91mm by 30mm sticks for your drinking glass. 

Jewel Ice’s stick mold isn’t the only option. You can also choose between giant cubes or smooth spheres. For a fancier look, the Spear Diamond mold creates balls of shiny diamond-shaped crystals that will put your drink under the spotlight. The best part? You can engrave a unique quote on your ice by customizing your mold! With Jewel Ice, your parties will impress and your bartending game will go through the roof.

Add Some 'Cool' to Your Cocktail Parties

Crowdfunding is a great way to support innovative projects and ideas while getting some sweet perks and early access to new products. From electric coffee grinders to slow-melting ice makers, the top 5 crowdfunding projects for April 2023 offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a coffee lover, outdoor enthusiast, cyclist, or just someone who enjoys a cold drink, there’s a project for you to back and help bring to life. So, go ahead and show your support for these exciting and innovative projects!

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