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6 Crowdfunding Projects That You Should Back in March 2023

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology, Travel & Outdoors

Welcome to March’s monthly round-up of Popcorn Gadget’s favorite crowdfunding projects! Every month, we are sharing our top 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back.

Why Back a Crowdfunding Project?

Crowdfunding offers a fantastic opportunity to not only get the best prices on innovative products but also to receive exclusive perks and extras. By backing these projects, you can learn more about the creators, their inspiration, and what they plan to deliver. This transparency helps you gain insight into where your money is going and who it is supporting. Plus, being an early backer allows you to get in on the ground floor of new innovations before they hit the mainstream market at higher prices.

Crowdfunding opportunities are constantly evolving as projects meet their goals and move on to more conventional markets.  With this in mind, we want to ensure you don’t miss out on the best projects on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 

So, what’s hot in March 2023? Check out these 6 crowdfunding projects that are worth your backing.

CookingPal’s Pressure Cooker / Air Fryer Lid combo is the powerhouse of cooking utilities. Compared to ovens, the Pronto / Alto combo uses 60% less energy and cuts cooking time by 70%. Furthermore, their cooking features render other simple kitchen appliances obsolete, leading to clutter-free countertops. Whether you’re sauteing shrimp, fermenting vegetables, baking cookies, or air-frying chicken, Pronto & Alto can make it happen. 

Pronto’s hinged lid makes it one less thing to keep track of on your counter. Its 6 QT bowl fits enough food to feed a family or group of six and features Cool-to-Touch handles to protect you from getting hurt. Along with Pronto, you get a steaming basket and strainer, and a soft-silicone spatula to scrape the most stubborn crumbs of food. The lid’s drip tray is also detachable and safe to clean in the dishwasher. Pronto’s built-in scale can weigh up to 5kg of ingredients, measuring in 5g increments. 

Alto on its own can work wonders for your current pressure cooker. Fit it on any 6 QT pressure cooker, and it becomes a grill, air fryer, roaster, and baker. It also uses 95% less oil compared to frying. When you’re done cooking, the lid will automatically shut down when removed.  

CookingPal’s app allows you to cook smart with Pronto & Alto. The app lets you set and forget, giving you extra time to spend with your family and friends. Furthermore, you have access to an ever-growing library of over 200 recipes with guided steps and nutritional content. Additionally, the app provides free cooking classes with chefs, multi-language support, and a chat service for questions and cooking tips.

Don’t let the stress of cooking get in the way of its enjoyment. Get your hands on CookingPal’s Pronto & Alto Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer and reap the benefits of fast, efficient, and clutter-free cooking.

Cook with ease

The MindLax Sleeping Mat is a revolutionary sleeping tool that helps you fall asleep quickly and improves your sleep quality. Its classic three-fold design allows for ample space to lie down or sit in any position comfortable for you. The surface is woven with breathable, environmentally friendly, and skin-friendly material. 

MindLax uses technology they’ve trademarked as Neuro TIM and Neuro Arc to transmit sleep-enhancing sounds and vibrations to strengthen sleep quality and produce deep relaxation. The Mindlax App features customization for vibration levels, and a library of music and sounds to make your experience more pleasant. 

You can use the MindLax Sleeping Mat anywhere at any time. Take it to the park for a relaxing meditation session. Put it on the seat of your car for a short nap in between long drives. Use it in yoga classes so you can fully concentrate on body relaxation. The MindLax Sleeping Mat ensures that you will remain comfortable for any occasion and make your 20-minute nap as effective as 2 hours of sleep.

Sleep and meditate comfortably

The MONTAGE Evolutionary Backpack can carry all your belongings for travel, work, and more. The backpack is designed to eliminate clutter with many inside and outside pockets for proper organization and quick access. 

The main pack can expand to increase the storage capacity by 80%. Furthermore, the interior features pockets for pens, a water bottle, and any other important items you need to complete your day. The exterior features a pocket for some more small items, as well as a pocket for a 16” laptop connected to the back straps. 

MONTAGE Evolutionary Backpack has three different carrying positions. Use the top strap to carry it in one hand. Carry it on your back comfortably with its comfortable shoulder straps. Take it on the plane as a briefcase using the side handle. You can also attach it to your suitcase handle by pulling the handle through the middle strap. Carry your work or travel items with ease using the MONTAGE Evolutionary Backpack.

Carry your essentials with ease

The Buddie Power Bank is perfect for travel, camping, and at home. Buddie is a lightweight, battery-powered power bank with two swappable tools: a 20W extension cube, and a light. The cube fast-charges any modern electronic device with a Type-C charging cable. Buddie’s light is bright, long-lasting, and perfect for the outdoors, traveling, and emergencies. The snap-and-swap modular design makes detaching and attaching the light or type-C extension a breeze. Unlike other power banks, Buddie is less bulky, lightweight, and easy to carry in your pocket or backpack. 

Buddie uses a reliable and efficient Li-ion battery. The battery has a capacity of 5000mAh and can charge most smartphones multiple times in one usage. Buddie can charge your iPhone 14 or Google Pixel 7 in 1.5 hrs, and your Airpods in even less time. In traditional power banks, the battery degrades over time. With Buddie, you eliminate that issue by simply popping the cap open and swapping the batteries. Buddie’s Battery Charger can charge the batteries in as little as 2 hours. Whether you’re out in the woods or in your home, the Buddie Power Bank has your back.

Charge your devices anywhere

The Flagship Wall Magnet Knife is the only kitchen knife you’ll ever need. Flagship combines all kitchen knives into the ultimate cutting utility. Whether you need a steak knife or a simple chef knife, Flagship can get the job done. The knife is made of multiple layers of Damascus steel, making it exceptionally durable and sharp for longer periods than any average kitchen knife.

Its handle is made of solid fiberglass with a unique swirl design along the sides. Flagship’s strong neodymium magnets ensure your knife and other utensils are safely secured while giving your kitchen a sleek and tidy look. With the Flagship Knife & Futuristic Wall Magnets, your kitchen will pop while minimizing clutter in your drawers.

Beautify your kitchen

The Tech Belt is a strong, comfortable belt that lasts a lifetime. Tech Belt uses a buckle mechanism that maximizes your comfort. Simply press down on the buckle to loosen or tighten the belt in 5mm adjustments. Furthermore, this buckle mechanism eliminates any pressure or dig on your waist. The Aramid Armour core makes it strong and durable, allowing it to stay together and never fall apart. Tech Belt is a perfect belt to wear for any occasion and will work nicely with any style of clothing you choose to wear.

Relieve stress on your waist

These are the 6 crowdfunding projects we think you should back in March 2023. Whether you back a project for exclusive perks, deals, or simply because you believe in the concept, we hope the list has something that interests you.

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