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A Speech Device For Dogs? Buttons For Your Pet To Talk

Jun 24, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

It’s a good time to be a dog or cat.

More pets are being adopted now than ever, and with most professionals working from home, pets are finally getting the attention they deserve. And now, they’re learning to talk just like us! Using specialized speech buttons, dogs and cats are being trained to communicate using the same words and phrases we use. So how does it work?

Programming the buttons

To assign words to the buttons, owners press and hold the top off the device until they hear a beep. While keeping the button pressed, they record their voice into the microphone located at the bottom of the device. When finished recording, you simply release the button and then short press it to test that the playback is clear.


Teaching their first words

When teaching your cat or dog to talk using speech buttons, the words you start with are important. For example, if you start with a “treat” button, it will be more difficult to teach other words because your pet will understand the purpose of the buttons to be for getting treats on demand. Instead, it is suggested you start with an “outside” button for dogs, and a “pets” button for cats.


Start your dog with an “outside” button. Place it by the door, and press it each time you bring or allow your dog outside. After several days, encourage your dog to press their “outside” button each time you go outside together. Finally, begin requiring a press of their “outside” button before allowing your dog outside. It’s likely your dog even already recognizes the word, so it might prove easy to train. Take a look at this how-to guide with infographics to teach your dog to say “outside,” “play,” and “all done.”

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Start your cat with a “pets” button. First, ask your cat using your voice if they want to be pet. If they seem up for it, start petting them. While you’re giving your cat love, press their “pets” button repeatedly. Each time your cat comes to you for pets, continue to model use of the button for them. After several days, your cat will learn to press the button whenever they want pets. Check out this online guide from Woof Meow Hello for more pointers on teaching your cat to say words like “pets,” “couch,” “all done,” and “yarn.”

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Ready to give them a voice?

With batteries included, as well as four sticker labels for your pet’s first four words, you can start their journey right out of the box!

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