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If Apple Made A Coffee Grinder – KEY Coffee Grinder By Weber Workshops

Jun 24, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

The all-new KEY Coffee Grinder is a revolution in conical burr single-dose grinding. It’s as much a work of art as it is an appliance, and if Apple made a coffee grinder, this would be it.

One news outlet has even called KEY Coffee Grinder the Ferrari of coffee grinders! Read more to see why.

Artisinal Coffee In Fewer Steps

The first feature we want to highlight about KEY Coffee Grinder is the ability it gives you to seamlessly switch between modes. Whether you want espresso, pour-over, French press, or Aeropress, there’s no need to dial in your grind again.

Second, KEY Coffee Grinder gives you quality consistent grounds, no matter the method of extraction. Plus, you get some amazing range, with the option for grounds courser than French press, or grounds finer than espresso.

Get The Purest Flavor

You’ll experience virtually no retention of coffee grounds in the burr grinder. No oil residue or old coffee grounds means no flavor clashing when you switch beans, which is pretty important if you’re serious about your coffee game.

The Magic Tumbler

Another thing we love about KEY is the Integrated Weiss Distribution Technique employed by the Magic Tumbler.

In plain terms, this means that grounds are stirred as they drop from the burrs, which breaks any remaining clumps. Throughout the entire puck, you’ll get evenly distributed grinds, so when water is pressed through, it’s pushed through evenly. No air bubbles, no channeling. Another thing we love about the Magic Tumbler is that its revolutionary design saves you from messes: just pull the plug to cleanly release the grounds down into the portafilter, aeropress, or coffee filter.

When you buy KEY Coffee Grinder, you truly are buying two products in one. We’re really glad it’s not sold as a separate accessory, since it very well could be.


Defies Physics

KEY Coffee Grinder is the biggest, and also the best, commercial burr set. At the same time, it will save you more countertop space than any other coffee grinder you’ve owned. 

Created By A Former Apple Designer

We began this feature by touting KEY Coffee Grinder as a product Apple might come out with if they ever ventured into the coffee space. And in a lot of ways, hallmarks of Apple’s design philosophy can be found throughout the product. This is no coincidence.

Douglas Weber spent years overseeing product design for the iPhone, and has brought the same high standards he set for his team and for himself to the development of KEY Coffee Grinder.

It just… well, it just works. And it looks amazing doing it. The end to end experience is second to none. And that’s why it has over $2.7 million in pre-orders when the campaign launched just days ago. Our advice? Pre-order for 20% off while you still can!

It's not too late to get 20% OFF!

If you pre-order now, you can make Weber yours for 20% OFF! But you might want to hurry before they run out… 

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