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Instantly Mute Your Mic With This Coin-Sized Physical Mute Button

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

Have you ever been on a Zoom or Teams call, and your mic picked up something you really wished it didn’t? Whether it’s a busy family, yappy pets, construction work, a sneeze, or maybe even something you perhaps shouldn’t have said, we’ve all been there. Fortunately, Dongle is the perfect solution.

Dongle Physical Mute Button

Firstly, Dongle is a physical mute button that plugs into your device’s USB-C port. The Dongle app stays open in the background, so the physical mute button works no matter what apps are open on your screen. Furthermore, Dongle has an LED status indicator. When you’re muted, a red light shines. Similarly, the light turns green when you’re unmuted. Moreover, Dongle is compatible with most virtual call apps like Zoom for Windows or MacOS. This includes Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Dongle mute button for zoom connects to your laptop, tablet, or other device via USB-C.

Dongle can be a life saver

Imagine you’re on a Zoom meeting, and you get distracted with something else on your screen. For example, maybe you’re looking at Youtube in another tab. Suddenly, you realize that the ad for your video is about to blare out to the entire team! Dongle will come to your rescue. Indeed, Dongle is designed to help keep any embarrassing moments like this from happening again. With just the touch of a button.

Where to buy Dongle Mute Button for Zoom calls

Through what must have been the work of some miracle, Dongle is available for preorder for only $1! Who knows what it will cost after that, but we have to admire this innovation for its affordability. In fact, that’s one key compononent of innovation: finding a way to make your solution accessible to all.

Bottom line

We love these types of examples of crafty innovations. The creators of Dongle saw a need, and did the work to fill it — bringing us an elegantly convenient solution that anyone can afford.

What do you think? Does Dongle sound like something that might be useful for your team meetings?

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