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MasterChef Worthy Cookware

Oct 2, 2020 | Home & Living

Community quarantine situation has been forcing each of us to look at the practical skills we excel at… and the ones that could do with some improvement. Having a rough time in the kitchen? Maybe it’s not you though! It could just be is your tools. Neil Gershenfeld made a great point when he said, “give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things”. 

Now, for your quarantine meal rescue, we found an amazing cookware gem, Proclamation Goods. They create “Cookware With Conscience”. Beautiful cookware that’s  chemical-free, toxin-free, naturally low-stick, scratch-resistant, oven & dishwasher safe, and lighter than cast iron! They are induction compatible and made in the USA. They’re in the business of making high-quality cookware that becomes a family legacy, passed down over lifetimes. 

Investing in quality products reduces your expenses in the long run and Proclamation Goods is ready to help  you ditch the 10-piece set. Their  3-piece set is designed to be the only cookware you need, with built-in versatility to cook any meal. 

We think this is the ultimate kitchen set, as beautifully designed (they’d be right at home on your favorite cooking show) to live on your stovetop as they are to help you save space in your cabinets.. 

They offer two types of materials for ultimate heat control: 

  • All-stainless version: lightweight, easy to care for, and offers incredibly even cooking.
  • Carbon/Stainless: mix gives you the best of stainless combined with the benefits of carbon: high heat cooking, durability, and low-stick seasoning over time.

We’ve made it easier for you to Make Your Proclamation! Click on the link below to purchase your set. Plus, you can utilize their partnership with Affirm to pay in four interest-free installments!

Make Your Proclamation

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