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Farewell Pooper Scooper

Sep 25, 2020 | Home & Living

Taking care of a cat is relatively low maintenance compared to other animals, but cleaning out the litter box is always at the bottom of every cat owner’s to-do list. Circle Zero changes the game for cat parents! It is a zero-odor self-cleaning litter box that automatically scoops and rakes waste just minutes after your cat leaves. 

If you’re a smart tech skeptic, never fear. Circle Zero utilizes multiple TX/RX motion sensors to keep your furry friend safe while in the litter box. Once they are done doing their business, Circle Zero waits a full 7 minutes before it starts scooping. The whole process happens silently too, so you don’t need to worry about muting yourself on your next Zoom call. 

This is definitely a crowdfunding project worth supporting as they have already shipped over 3,000 units to Korea and Japan. Your investment is safe. All that awaits is a guaranteed product at the best price it will ever be available.

Circle Zero also partnered with mugnloo to create a health monitoring device for your cat. This can be purchased separately (available as an add-on at checkout) and monitors your cat’s bathroom routines, notifying you via app if there are any irregularities or health concerns. Data can be easily pulled and shared with your veterinarian.

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