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Oct 9, 2020 | Technology

With so many wireless earphones on the market today, sound quality isn’t the only factor to consider. In our search for the most ergonomic wireless earbuds, we found Lytte HarmoniQ. The unique design employed by the HarmoniQ team isn’t just for looks, it is inspired by musical instruments. They state that, “the shape of the horn determines the sound of the instrument.” Likewise, the 3D sound engineered one-piece shape produces a superior acoustic travel path for the sound waves.


Lytte HarmoniQ earphones also utilize unique materials to create the ideal amount of rigidity needed to deliver controlled sound resonance with low distortion. The Lytte’s unique design also prevents air leakage, allowing sound waves to flow smoothly through each of the 2 earphones. This is in sharp contrast to traditional casing, which deteriorates over time. With this detail in mind, Lytte HarmoniQ’s earphones should age more gracefully than its competitors, which have faced increased scrutiny over their lack of durability. 

You’ll also notice Lytte HarmoniQ boasts an extraordinarily long playback time: 35 hours. The earphones run for 5 hours on a single charge and the charging case lets you power them up for an additional 30 hours. HarmoniQ Labs really focused on the production of a high quality product, with each earphone polished by hand and examined closely before packaging to assure top performance and quality. 

They also come with an initial 12 month warranty and an additional 12 month add-on warranty when you register your product on their site, for a total of 24 months of perfect sound. We’re ready to call these earphones an absolute steal for the quality. Immerse yourself in uncompromised sound and get Lytte!

Get Lytte

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