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How To Drink Extra Hot Coffee Or Tea Without Burning Your Tongue – Kolingsip Hot Beverage Lid

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

Seasons are changing: the leaves are changing color, and the clothes we wear are getting thicker and thicker. Fall is definitely upon us now. That means sweater weather, cuddle weather, and, yes — pumpkin spice latte kind of weather. These are the moments where we like to kick back, relax, and ponder while we sip on something warm and hearty. 

Kolingsip Hot Beverage Burn Preventing Lid – How It Works

Kolingsip brings these cherished moments to you without the fear of burning. Your mouth and tongue are safe, even if your drink is freshly brewed. After all, that’s the best time to enjoy your favorite hot coffee or tea. But how does Kolingsip protect you from the heat of your pumpkin spice latte or fall drink of choice? In short, Kolingsip has patented cooling ridges and channels to ensure that each sip is consistent, so you can get the most from your hot beverages.


All the magic is in the patented cooling ridges. Just tip to allow a sip’s worth of your drink to pass over the groves, and your beverage will enter your mouth at the perfect temperature.



Cut Down On Waste

Additionally, we love that Kolingsip is reusable. You can use it multiple times with standard 3.5 inch wide mugs, tumblers, and even to-go cups from Starbucks or your local cafe or roaster. This is perfect for enjoying coffee dates out with your friends and being able to enjoy the moment with great company and coffee. No more fried tastebuds!

Kolingsip Hot Beverage Lid – Learn More

Without a doubt, Kolingsip Hot Beverage Lid is the ultimate hot beverage hack for 2021 and beyond. You get the convenience of not having to wait for your drink to cool down, while skipping the guesswork on when it’s safe to take that first sip. With so many fall themed drinks on the way, you can now enjoy your favorite beverage extra hot with confidence, all thanks to Kolingsip’s patented design.

The icing on the cake? Warmer hands.

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