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Must Have Outdoors Gear From 8 Industry-Disrupting Outdoors Brands

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

For some adventurers, getting outdoors is all about unplugging from our devices. At the same time, outdoors gear is packed with more tech than ever. And we’re all about it!

Today’s most innovative outdoor brands are developing cutting edge systems, materials, and solutions that enhance the experiences of all who spend their days outside. For this article, we’ve done the work for you and rounded up eight of our favorites.

For those in our camp — we’re not 100% off-the-grid, but we also believe disconnecting from our busy lives to be one of the best things about outdoor adventuring — there has never been a more exciting time for outdoors shopping than now, thanks to today’s innovations!


1. HENGDUAN Is The Portable Mosquito Killer From The Future.


HENGDUAN is hands down the best solution for pesky mosquitos that we’ve ever seen!

The device uses heat-activated repellent to gives you and your party an invisible zone of protection from mosquitoes and other insects up to a 30 foot radius from your location.

To clarify, HENGDUAN doesn’t actually kill mosquitos. Instead, it repels.

What HENGDUAN does kill are the chances of mosquitos killing your vibe. All while leaving delicate ecosystems intact and unaltered.


Getting Started:


Setup: first, slide the repellent refills into both sides of the repeller. Then, long press the power button for two seconds to power on. Finally, turn on the mosquito repellent protection.


How To Preorder HENGDUAN Portable Mosquito Killer (October 2021 estimated delivery)


The hardest thing to believe about HENGDUAN, apart from its mere existence in the first place — is its shockingly low retail price of $74.00. For a tiny handheld device that in effect creates a virtual force field between you and any mosquitos within 30 feet, $74 is extremely impressive.

Plus, you can get a discount of up to 53% OFF when you preorder!




2. EcoFlow DELTA Pro – The Best Portable Home Battery Is A Camping Essential.


EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a portable home battery powerhouse.

A single DELTA Pro unit offers an AC output up to 3600W, which can be expanded up to 4500W with a featured they call X-Boost. This allows you to power window air conditioners, washing machines, and other devices.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro keeps you prepared for the unexpected, and has you covered for extended blackouts, severe storms, and any other disastrous event that compromises access to electricity.

Because the portable battery is primarily designed to power your home — in some cases, your entire home — in the event of extended blackouts, DELTA Pro also makes for an amazing piece of camping equipment.

Ways to charge DELTA Pro. DELTA Pro is the first portable power station with FlowCharge. Choose from multiple methods to benefit from the fastest charging, any time, or anywhere.


Another thing we love about the DELTA Pro portable home battery is that there are so many different ways for you to charge it. For example, you can charge up at thousands of EV stations worldwide — a first when it comes to portable power stations.

Moreover, EcoFlow offers a suite of solar products that work perfectly with DELTA Pro, and with a max solar input of 1200W, you can charge DELTA Pro using solar energy in as little as 4 hours!

When you’re out enjoying nature, it only makes sense to tap into the source of energy that is responsible for all life on earth: our sun.

If you already own solar panels, DELTA Pro’s 11-150V voltage range makes it compatible with 90% of third-party solar panels with MC4 connectors.

EcoFLow DELTA Pro makes RV living better.


DELTA Pro portable home battery makes RV living easy, allowing you to bring home with you wherever you go.

The portable battery features wheels, and a suitcase-inspired extendable handle for easy transport. 

Together with the solar panels, the DELTA Pro ecosystem can serve as your complete power solution for RV road trips and outdoor adventures. 


Combine multiple DELTA Pro units to deliver 7200W through your home circuits, providing power for 240V devices.


Two DELTA Pro units produce 7200Wh. Three gives you 10800Wh. And with the DELTA Pro All-In-One Bundle, max out to up to 25,000Wh.

Power your home through the full duration of extreme, multi-day blackouts.

Finally, thanks to EcoFlow DELTA Pro’s expandable ecosystem, you can always start small, adding additional units as needed.


A Smash Hit On Kickstarter! Preorder EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Battery (October 2021 estimated delivery)


At the time of writing, DELTA Pro has received nearly $8 million in preorders on Kickstarter.

Many of the packages offered are now sold out, so definitely hurry if you want to be among the first to get your hands on these remarkable devices!


3. PRO DRYBAG 3.0 Series by SUBTECH SPORTS is the world’s most extreme drybag.


PRO DRYBAG 3.0 combines decades of space age breakthroughs and military grade technology to deliver the the most extreme drybag the world has ever seen.

Just look how wet the environment is in some of PRO DRYBAG 3.0 Series’ best product shots. In the featured image above, you can even see that instead of sinking, the drybag floats effortlessly on the surface of the water!




PRO DRYBAG 3.0: Used & Trusted By The Pros.

World class athletes, extreme adventurers, and pro creators shower PRO DRYBAG 3.0 with constant praise.

Here’s what just a couple have said:


Ashleigh Baird - Competitive Free Diver /

Aero Aswar - 3x Jetski World Champion:




Preorder DRYBAG 3.0 Series On Indiegogo (June 2022 estimated delivery)


DRYBAG 3.0 Series is now available for preorder on Indiegogo for a limited time discounted price. You can save 17-30% off your purchase, depending on the package that best fits your needs.

You can get a 55 liter drybag, a 100L drybag, one of each (the duo package), or even opt for the trio package which includes both sizes PLUS a bonus waterproof tote bag!



4. Best Retractable Canopy Tent – Campo Designs Escape M4


If you’re someone who’s itching for adventure, the Escape M4 Canopy Tent by Campo Designs is a piece of camping equipment you’ll instantly fall in love with.

It screams quality at first glance. And at the start of each adventure, you’ll already be dreaming of the next.

The Escape M4 Tent is unlike any other tent. With easy setup under ten minutes, the Escape M4 Tent’s retractable canopy opens up in six ways. It can be completely opened to enjoy nature and take in the breeze, fully closed to ward off pesky mosquitoes (and wandering eyes), or somewhere in between.

Built on an aluminum-fiberglass hybrid exoskeleton, this lightweight yet durable canopy tent will last you for years of adventures.

The interior space of the tent provides enough room for a queen size blow up mattress. So if glamping sounds like something you want to try, this one’s got your name written all over it!




How To Preorder Escape M4 Canopy Tent (estimated delivery March 2022)


This outstanding piece of outdoor equipment has prioritized quality construction and durability, created to serve you for years of adventures. So how do you get your hands on one of these camping gear must haves?

The Escape M4 Canopy Tent has an MSRP of $500. This is relatively competitive within the high-end family tent market.

Furthermore, you can preorder it now for 40% OFF, with estimated worldwide delivery for March of 2022! Just in time for the spring, with unbeatable protection from any April showers.


Enough space to sleep four adults, or even to fit a queen size blow-up mattress while leaving plenty of extra room on the sides.


Plus, each purchase plants 50 trees: lush green living space just waiting to take root.


5. Tego Ultimate Roll-And-Go Travel Bag – Organize Camping Accessories, Personal Essentials, & More


The Tego Adventure Kit is your newest companion for both your wildest adventures and your everyday life. Mix & match 7 unique sections to create the ultimate bag for any occasion!

For example, suppose you want to take photos on your backpacking trip? With just a zip, attach the module dedicated to your SD card readers, storage drives, cables, and lens attachments.

7 mix & match modular sections: a mesh zippered pocket, a closure section, big mouth pockets, liquid pockets, elastic mesh pockets, a hanging hook, and a module with cord wraps.

Slide and zip interchangeable modular pockets to customize your Tego adventure kit.

Not bringing your bike? Leave behind the module or modules you’ve dedicated to your bike tools.

Staying overnight? Just slide the modules for your toiletries and personal essentials into place, roll, and you’re ready to go!

Tego Roll-And-Go Ultimate travel kit reviews. Sean A.:

Another thing outdoor enthusiasts love about this product is that it can hang anywhere, a feature that proves handy in a variety of situations — whether on outdoor adventures or in your everyday life.

Then, when it’s time to get back on the move, it folds up into a perfectly organized and compact travel bag:

Roll Tego into an organized and compact travel bag


Tego Travel Bag Preorders (estimated delivery March 2022)


The MSRP for the Tego Adventure Kit is $200, but if you preorder now on Kickstarter, you can access early bird pricing and save up to 39% OFF!



6. Opeongo AERIAL A1 – A Practical While Imaginative Cross Between Tent & Hammock


The AERIAL A1 from Opeongo is a lightweight portable shelter that blends the security of a tent with the comfort of a hammock. 

Designed for one camper, AERIAL provides a stable, elevated, horizontal sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees. Because your sleeping platform floats above the ground, you don’t have to worry about those painful pressure points created by roots, sticks, pebbles, and other elements on the forest floor.

With the AERIAL A1 Tree Tent, sleep in any position you want while unencumbered by pressure points.

Now, you can sleep in whatever position you want! And if you crave additional comfort, AERIAL’s sleeping platform has been designed to perfectly fit a large Therm-a-Rest camping pad.



AERIAL A1 tent works just as well as a traditional, on-the-ground tent.


Fortunately, if you’re camping where there won’t be any trees nearby, AERIAL still has you covered. As it turns out, it can transform as needed into a traditional, on-the-ground tent!


Testimonials for the AERIAL A1 tree tent

AERIAL A1 tree tent suspended in the air between two trees.



AERIAL A1 Tree Tent: How To Preorder (November 2021 estimated delivery)


AERIAL A1 Tree Tent is now available for preorder, directly from the Opeongo website. Preorders are expected to ship in November of 2021. 

If ultimate versatility is important to you in a tent, or if you just want to experience a totally new way to enjoy the outdoors, AERIAL A1 deserves a spot on your outdoors gear shortlist.


7. Shiftpod III – Four-Season Outdoor Shelter protects you from both heat and cold using space age materials.


Shiftpod III is the ultimate glamping tent for hot desert festivals, and the go-to shelter for camping in extreme temperatures.

Built on an integrated carbon fiber frame & hub system, Shiftpod III’s patented, all-season fabric system is heat reflective and insulated with mildew protection and hydrophobic coatings to protect against the elements.


Shiftpod III in action outdoors!


Keep comfy and safe.

Advanced NASA inspired tech and patented composite fabric coatings reflect away the heat of the sun and retain warmth when it gets cold. Additionally, the material’s capacity for insulation is so strong that it even dampens outside noise as a bonus!

Furthermore, Shiftpod is extremely wind resistant, standing firm even when confronted with 100 mph winds.

The Shiftpod III is the ultimate glamping tent for true lovers of both outdoors and luxury.

How To Buy Shiftpod All-Season Shelter & Glamping Tent


Shiftpod III is available for preorder on the outdoor brand’s official website with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee.

8. Drankful Stealth Hydration Pack – stay totally hydrated when you wear this sleek, barely-there hydration pack.


Let’s face it: moving around with traditional hydration packs feels uncomfortable and awkward. They slap, bounce, and rub around during exercise. On trails, hills, and rougher terrain, the entire experience of carrying your water feels heavy, clunky, and off-balance.

Drankful is the true outdoor enthusiast’s answer to clunky and sloppy hydration packs. Drankful is designed to hold your water in a totally reimagined way, eliminating any room for bounce so you can move smoothly with your hydration on the roughest terrain.


If you're an outdoor enthusiast, mountain biker, trail runner, endurance athlete, hiker, or adventurer, the Drankful hydration pack is for you.


We’re not saying it’s for everyone, but if you enjoy spending time outside and you also drink water, the Drankful stealth hydration pack is for you.

Plus, we bet you can’t guess how much water Drankful holds, because at first glance, it looks like the pack has next to nothing inside:


Drankful hydration pack in action!


Would you believe there’s 1.5 liters of water discretely stored in this man’s pack? Whether you believe it or not, that’s what you’re looking at!

For this product, the difference can be found in just the name alone. For example, CamelBak, a well established competitor in the wearable hydration pack space, named their product in reference to the way camels keep extra stores of water in the humps located on their backs. However, Drankful trades the cumbersome ‘hump’ for stealth and utility, completely transforming how we typically imagine a hydration pack to look.

Drankful stealth hydration pack is so cleverly designed that you'll forget it's even there. The outside is also free of loud and tacky branding.


Another thing we admire is the tasteful branding placement on this product.

For us, loud and tacky brand placement can actually be a dealbreaker at times, especially when it’s a brand that simply won’t command the same clout as, say, Patagonia.

Come to think of it, in-your-face branding would be pretty ironic for a piece of outdoor gear with “stealth” in its name, so we’re all the more glad that Drankful took the more humble, classier route.


drankful stealth hydration pack gives you a lot of utility. Look at all the pockets!


Lastly, if you want to carry additional water on top of the 1.5 liters that can be stored in Drankful’s reservoir, there are two hidden yet deployable water bottle pockets on each side of the pack.   


Internal organization keeps items neat + tidy. No more digging or blindly reaching for your items. Second, Drankful is like a pillow for your back. The placement and shape of the reservoir rests like a pillow in the pack, taking pressure away from the spine, and leaving absolutely no room for fluids to bounce or move.



There’s no shortage of high-tech gear to help you survive the great outdoors. Whether you want a little luxury while glamping or are up for some hardcore hiking, there are at least a few items on this list that will suit your needs. From tents and bags to bug repelling devices and battery packs, these 8 must have pieces of outdoor equipment should have everything you need for the perfect getaway!

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