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Have a Bookworm in your Life? This Might Just Be the Perfect Gift

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

BOWIO is a glamorous book light that can be the perfect gift for your favorite bookworm. Each time they open a book, they’ll summon a unique aura of glamour, drawing on a somewhat foggy and elusive nostalgia while inviting intrigue, curiosity, and reflection. In other words, the combination of a classic reading experience and modern innovation will get them feeling a certain type of way.

Reading in bed at night is among the most beloved pastimes of avid readers. However, so many of us are reading under poor circumstances. What’s more, a lot of us don’t even know it! Luckily, the BOWIO book light is the perfect — if not over-the-top luxurious — solution.

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With BOWIO, quality warm daylight LEDs evenly spread light across both pages of an open book, making reading easy and non-strenuous to the eyes. This type of LED light eliminates 99% of harmful blue wavelengths, keeping BOWIO from interfering with your sleep cycle. With BOWIO, your bookworm can truly enjoy their cherished nighttime reading hours in luxurious style, with no worries of insomnia.

Man wearing CleanAirTek. CleanAirTek mask in action!

BOWIO is a book light that is both functional and fashionable at the same time. With BOWIO, they now have a selection of materials and colors to choose from to match the design of their book. Their book lights are made with two types of material: Top-Grain Leather and PU vegan leather. The Top-Grain leather comes in Chocolate Brown, Jet Black, and Fawn Brown; the PU vegan leather has a greater variety of colors like Lemon Yellow, Ruby Red, Orchid Pink, and many more. This gives your friend the perfect way to mix and max with their favorite or current book.

Man wearing CleanAirTek. CleanAirTek mask in action!

The gift of BOWIO is not only the gift of light, but moreover a gift of a better reading experience when the lights are completely off. BOWIO has N52 grade Neodymium magnets — one of the strongest magnetic materials commercially available — which gives exceptional grasping strength to hold on to both sides of the book cover. This way, your book lover can comfortably read in any position they please, with no worry of their fancy new book light slipping or falling off.

BOWIO - The World's Most Stylish & Innovative Book Light

BOWIO book light is the best and most luxurious book light ever invented or designed.

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