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An Innovation You’d Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Nov 13, 2020 | Blog

In astrology, each sign is unique, with each exuding their own unique energy and hierarchy of needs. We rounded up a couple of new innovations that might appeal to you, based on your sign!

Aries energy is said to be energetic, outgoing, and inspiring. This sign tends to be inclined to dominate physical activity. We are all for that – just don’t forget your rest and recovery! 

HotRock is a foam roller that heats up past 160° F in less than 4 minutes and stays that way. A little too hot for your preference? Not to worry. This device gives you easy-to-use adjustable heat. Utilize lower heat for sensitive body parts and higher heat on muscles and joints for deeper therapy. We think it’s the perfect tool for your Aries recovery day!


Taurus energy is known to be about practicality, stability, and comfort. This sign enjoys the simple pleasures of life. We found your perfect companion.

The CLIQ Chair is a bottle-sized chair for anywhere. It is stable up to 300lbs, weatherproof, sets up in seconds, and provides a comfortable 12” elevation off the ground. We think it’s the perfect Taurus companion for camping, the beach, outdoor concerts, sporting events and much more.


Gemini energy is all about communication. Geminis live for social relationships and this sign is very adaptable and lively. We think Geminis need a Bartesian in their life for all the moments they are hosting people at their home. 

Bartesian provides premium cocktails on demand with just the touch of a button! This older sibling of your favorite coffee capsule machine serves up delicious custom craft cocktails. We love how you can adjust the strength from Mocktail to Double, leaving no guest behind!


Cancer energy focuses on nurturing and protection. This sign values self-care and their immediate environment. The GUILIN Lampscape, a beautiful lamp air purifier sculpture, will help Cancers nurture their home and health.

This lampscape is also perfect for Cancers who are environmentally conscious as GUILIN’s base comes coated in environmentally friendly paint, while the acrylic mountains themselves are made from 40% recycled plastic. As a photocatalytic air purifier, it eliminates 99.99% of viruses & bacteria including their odor and pollen particles as well.


Leo energy is creative and dynamic. This sign loves to be the center of attention and we found the perfect innovation to help you boost that Leo confidence. 

The Omnilux Contour™ will help you put your best face forward. This is a FDA-cleared, dermatologist-recommended light therapy mask you can use at home. It is non-invasive and compatible for all skin types as the treatments are customizable to your skin needs. It is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve skin tone on a cellular level through stimulating collagen and elastin production, improving blood flow, and tissue oxygenation. 


Virgo energy is all about analysis, precision, and attention to detail. We know how much you Virgos love to plan everything out and keep everything in check, and we found this device that will lift some of that weight off your shoulders. 

Everykey is a universal smart key for all your devices and passwords. It provides military grade security for your devices, passwords, and even your home and car. This handy powerhouse provides you with 15 days of battery life and is water resistant. Did we mention it has proximity awareness too? Give your favorite Virgo some much-needed security.


Libra energy is all about finding balance. A libra strives to be in harmony with everything and everyone around him/her. Libras can use their nect MODEM to continue cultivating their relationships with others. 

The nect MODEM is a handy device that provides fast and secure LTE connection anywhere. Access the absolute best coverage in your own home or almost anywhere your passport can take you. It is affordable and keeps your browsing secure through encryption and free VPN access. If you are out with some friends, it allows you to connect up to 10 devices. Sharing is caring, and this is what Libra energy is all about.


Scorpio energy focuses on deep emotions and they are known to be very intense beings. Scorpios go through many transformative cycles and we think the Otari will help you in your continuous quest for transformation.

OTARI provides you with live strength and cardio classes with real-time AI pose feedback. You get to workout with world class instructors streaming live from the studio. We believe a proper foundation is key to development and the Otari camera captures “keypoints” representing the relative position of each joint location in real time. These keypoints, plus additional proprietary data points, are cross-referenced against appropriate ranges determined by our team of expert fitness instructors, triggering opportunities for feedback. This device tracks your progress real-time to help you improve and reach your fitness goals. We think it’s an amazing innovation especially during this stay at home season.


Sagittarius energy is free and cheerful. This sign tends to give their all in everything they do which can result in feelings of restlessness. We found the perfect companion to balance out that Sagittarius energy. 

URGONight unlocks your potential for improved sleep. It trains your brain to focus and push away unnecessary thoughts. This innovation utilizes the concept of mindfulness in the exercises it gives you. You can now train your brain to sleep better!


Capricorn energy focuses on ambition and discipline. Capricorns lean toward advocating and prizing the importance of social responsibility. We just found them a new eco-friendly ride.

CycleBoard is designed to be ridden thousands of miles for multiple years. CycleBoard’s 3-wheel, lean to steer platform significantly reduces the fall risk normally associated with stand up riding which means nearly anyone, regardless of background or ability can step on and ride. It provides riders with speeds up to 22 MPH and up to a 20-mile range. It’s currently $100 off with FREE SHIPPING and we think this is a huge steal. It’ll help you save on your transportation expenses as well!


Aquarius energy is eccentric and spontaneous. This sign leans towards the sociable side and is forward-thinking. They love to experiment and live boldly. We found a head-turner ride for your next adventure. 

HyperScorpion by Juiced Bikes is a 30MPH electric fat tire bike. It features a massive 1,000W Bafang motor and a 52V/19.2Ah battery making it capable of an impressive 75+ mile riding range. You can ride comfortably and safely on this vehicle as there is front and rear suspension, and a versatil step-through frame with a wide seat which provides an outrageously smooth ride. Additionally, it utilizes hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping power and a bright LED moto headlamp for exceptional visibility, giving you that extra insurance for safety.


Pisces energy is gentle and compassionate. This sign is full of imagination and they are easily affected by their environment. We think Be Cool will help set the right tone everyday. 

Be Cool™ by Back Support Systems keeps you cool while you sleep. It utilizes a solid-to-liquid Memory Foam technology. This promotes a better night’s sleep and is copper-infused for extra healing. It is made in the USA using the highest quality products.

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