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Fresh Garbage

Nov 6, 2020 | Blog

A trashcan that stays fresh and clean until garbage day? It sounded impossible, until we met Petal.

This beautiful innovation is a 5-gallon zero-odor germ-freezing waste bin. That’s right, zero odor – even with the lid open. It utilizes patent pending seal-and-freeze aerospace technology that stops rot, eliminates stink, and halts the spread of germs. Waste freezes in 35 minutes and this device is whisper-quiet. We think this is perfect for households with children (it has a child-proof lid with a tight seal!) and for those who cook often. Disposing of waste with Petal is hands-free and you do not need liners or accessories, so say goodbye to nasty carbon filters and chemical sprays! 

Petal is officially launching soon and will offer exclusive 30% discounts to those who join their waitlist. We know you won’t want to miss this, so we’re making it extra convenient! Click the button below to join in.

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