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You Need This In Your Medical Kit

Nov 20, 2020 | Blog

As COVID-19 cases rise, the need for helpful, easy temperature-checking solutions has only increased, leaving behind a shortage of handheld thermometers available to institutions who need it most. Thankfully, Pebblebee, a longtime crowdfunding favorite, is launching a revolutionary stick-on thermometer that stays on for up days and takes instant readings. You can even use it discreetly while your child sleeps! 

Zera Thermospot’s application even keeps a data log over time so you can easily share results with your family and your doctor. Readings can be shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and you can even set automatic reminders for temperature checking times. Revolutionize the way you track temperature. Packs of Zero Thermospots will be 30% off for early birds, so join the waitlist today. 

Revolutionize The Way You Track Temperature

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