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The Magic Cable from iFMARS

Having so many cables to look after and take care of can get super messy, especially when they all connect to one power strip. Introducing the Magic Cable from iFMARS! This All-in-One charging cable is the next generation USB C charging cable that can charge your phone, laptop, tablet, and USB C notebook at the same time! Paired with a 100W charger, you can fully charge your devices within 30 minute – 2 hours!. The MCU controller and DC to DC conversion circuit inside distributes power as needed. Worried about it breaking or not beign close enough when plugged in? The cable comes in at 2m long and is braided with two double nylon to increase its strength and reslience! With the Magic Cable, you’ll have an easier time charging and accessing devices without needing to worry about a mess of cables.

Strengthen Your Chargers Today!


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