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Nebia Bidets

If you’re in the market for upgrading your toilet with some perks, Nebia Bidets gives you just that! The bidet is an electronic seat attachment that will clean your toilet for you! The seat is equipped with a seat seat sensor, lid, stainless adjustable nozzle, and air dryer. It even has a heating function!

The bidet is controlled through a wireless remote, along with knobs to customize both water pressure and temperature.

Not only are Nebia Bidets easy to pull off and clean, they also improve your health and comfort. Doctors have recommended that people transition away from toilet paper and use bidets, as they were more hygienic and healthier for you. They reduce risks to many conditions such as hemorrhoids, UTIs, yeast infectcions, anal irritation, and fissures.

Converting to bidets also means a reduction in the amount of toilet paper being used. The US uses 9.2 billion lbs of toilet paper each year. With the Nebia Bidet, you can contibute to sustainability by lowering the use of toilet paper while also improving your health and wellness.

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