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Mirrosky Smart Telescope

We all want to give our loved ones the world – so why not give them the next best thing with an incredible view of the universe? The Mirrosky allows you to do just that. This smart telescope is perfect for those both young and old and is easy to use. It offers a built-in celestial library that makes stargazing even more fun – you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at! The telescope is comprised of a high-quality 127MM Maksutov-Cassegrain high-definition coated optical lens, a 50MM high-definition optical finder set, and a fully computerized theodolite bracket.

It all sits on a sturdy, stainless steel tripod that is made for the outdoors. Take incredible pictures with the 500M pixel HD smart camera module (which allows long-time exposure shots!), and share them online immediately by using the multiple power supply the telescope offers. Show your family a whole new world and enjoy the outdoors together with the Mirrosky smart telescope.

Explore the Universe!


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