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BUZZ Bikes – Charter F Folding E-Bike

When a tire flattens, a gear breaks, or its time to put it away, carrying your bike or E-bike can certainly be a pain. Buzz Bikes has an app for that! Introducing Buzz Bike’s Charter F- Folding E-Bike! With a weight of under 40 lbs., this E-bike features the ability to fold, making carrying storing easier on you! The frame sits above two 20-inch wheels, making paved paths and streets an easy ride. Additionally, the Charter F features 3 levels of electric assistance and a 7-speed derailleur, giving you plenty of options to gage your experience wherever you bike. Whether you’re out of practice with biking and looking for a boost or an experienced biker, the Charter F has all the specs you need to enjoy a leisurely adventure that fits your needs!


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