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Play ANY Instrument With Your Voice – Dubler Studio Kit by Vochlea

Jun 21, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

If you’ve always wanted to be a music producer, but have always been intimidated by the steep learning curve of music theory, this tool is about to change your life. It almost feels like cheating!

Dubler Studio Kit by Vochlea is a specialized microphone and plugin that allows you to play any instrument with your voice. Got a tune you made up in your head? Use your voice to jot it down! You’ll get a far more natural performance than you would by manually inputting notes, and it’s a lot less time consuming than trying to get the perfect take with a MIDI keyboard.

Real time voice to MIDI means you can lay down a full beat using just your voice, programming different sounds you make with your mouth to trigger your drum samples. You can even perform live, beatboxing for the drums while humming the bassline. Pick a key, or allow Dubler to detect it automatically. This will allow you to generate chord progressions using just your voice. Control effects and filters by changing your voice — for example, “hmmm,” “laaaa” and “oohhhh” can be programmed to all trigger different parameters.

So many would-be musicians have long fantasized about a tool like this, empowering them to translate the song in their heart into a song for all to hear. If you’re familiar with music theory, Dubler can provide a faster workflow and stimulate more creativity. And if you’re not familiar at all with music theory, Dubler makes this less of an obstacle for people who’ve created an amazing song in their head, but don’t know where to start when it comes to composing music.

We can’t wait to hear the musical creations this tool inspires!

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