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4 Solutions From Inventors Who Rose to the Occasion During COVID-19

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

As we all know, this last year has been a rough and difficult time for everybody. COVID-19 has affected everybody in some capacity. Throughout history, our deepest darkest moments have often been when the greatest creations and solutions arise. Looking back on the past year, we’ll be looking at 4 tremendous innovations that will have a long-lasting impact on high tech devices and how we use them.


Our first product is very indicative of the new normal we have all had to adjust to. Dropi is a quick and easy solution for hands free dispensing of hand sanitizer. The biggest benefit that Dropi offers is its customizable mount, which gives it the ability to mount anywhere you need it. No matter your ride or lifestyle, Dropi’s versatile mount means you’re always one motion away from that clean-hands feeling. This product came to us in a time when we were unsure of our surroundings, and it allows us the flexibility of being sanitized and safe in any situation.


Man wearing CleanAirTek. CleanAirTek mask in action!

Another amazing product that we saw come to fruition during Covid-19 was the amazing air purifier mask from CleanAirTek. Understanding the times, they wanted to create a mask that not only had high filtration but also kept your goggles and glasses from fogging up during use. What came out of it was a mask with a 99.972% filtration efficiency. That ranks higher than all N95 masks, making it one of the safest on the market!

Pure Halo

One of the most amazing innovations to come out of the pandemic is pure Halo. When first seeing the Pure Halo it honestly blew us away as it’s the world’s first wearable air purifier. With its quiet 4 step filtration system, it cleans the air around you, keeping away germs and pollutants. This to us shows a tremendous amount of innovation. While so many people have been focused on masks and how to improve their filtration, Pure Halo said “ why don’t we just clean the air around us?” Innovative problem solving at its finest.


Finally, we were extremely impressed with Wave by UVC Labs. This device turns your smartphone into a UVC light that completely sanitizes any surface. All you have to do is pair your smartphone with the device and open the smart app to guide you through the sanitization steps. This kills up to 98% of viruses and bacteria in seconds! This gives you comfort in knowing that you can keep items and surfaces safe and sanitary no matter where you are.

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