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3 Cool Gadgets For Dogs! Only the Goodest Gifts for the Goodest Dogs

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Blog, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

One of the things that have stood the test of time is undoubtedly the loyalty of dogs to their masters. Each day, they teach us more and more true meaning of unconditional love. Most would agree that having a dog as a pet is one of the best things that can happen to you. Afterall, they bring so much love and color to our lives! And with all these cool gadgets coming out designed specifically for dogs, what better way to spoil them than with an online shopping spree? You’ll be spoiling yourself too, since many of these products have features to save you time, and to keep things more tidy.

Leaving your dogs at home is something inevitable and every dog lover knows that their pets get their hearts broken once they’re out the door.

Thus, here are some gadgets that will make your dog’s life more fruitful, even when you’re out of the house!


First on our list is of cool gadgets is Drinkie, your pet’s new favorite self-cleaning water dispenser. Drinkie dispenses water to your pet even when you’re not around. Furthermore, the cool gadget cleanses the water as much as you want. You no longer have to worry about your dog going thirsty again, and you can be assured that the water they drink is pure and microbe-free. This smart drinking bowl gives you the freedom to choose how often you want to clean the water with a downloadable app. Additionally, the app gives you data on the contamination level of the bowl’s water content. Drinkie is definitely a must have if you want to make sure your dog stays hydrated and healthy.


Wayzn turns your sliding door into a smart automatic pet door. If you don’t work from home, and you’re unable to take your dog in to work, they end up stuck at home with very little to do.

With Wayzn, you can remotely let your dog in and out to their heart’s desire! The mobile app will send you a notification once it senses your dog by the door. Through your phone, you can open up the door to let your dog in and out of your house. This way, your dog can enjoy the backyard and go about their day happily while they wait for their favorite human to return.


Trot is a food bowl that’s especially important to have if you leave the house every day. With a slow puzzle feeder design, they can take their time munching on some food while they patiently wait for you to come home. The puzzle design, which naturally makes them eat slower, is great for preventing indigestion. The bowl is also magnetically secured and comes with a no-mess silicone mat. No more need to worry about food being splattered all over the place when you get home!


With all these gadgets, you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog at home again. Give your dog confidence to stay happily at home with gadgets that allow them to live their best lives even when you can’t be there.

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