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Introducing Talon: An Innovative Massage Gun For Every Muscle Group

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

Brazyn, the team that brought us the revolutionary Morph Roller, is back at it with an innovative massage gun that you can use to target every aching muscle group, including your back, without any outside assistance. If you’re an athlete, or if you lead an active life, then you’ll want to scroll down to know more about the perfect massage gun for all-around relief.

Talon: The Massage Gun That’s Literally Got Your Back

Whether or not you’re an athlete, if you experience back pain, chances are you give a lot of importance to regular massage therapy. Let’s be honest, getting a masseuse on a regular basis can get expensive, and purchasing a massage chair will require a huge budget (not to mention space!). With Talon there will be no need for a ton of money or a ton of space, for with a simple clip it will literally have your back.

This massage gun has an attachment to an arm that has a unique angle that can target hard to reach spots like your back that other products can’t get to. No need to call for a masseuse as Talon has the power and strokes that will surely loosen those tight knots in no time.This tool has everything you want and need for a quick recovery session to keep you loose and mobile for your next workout.

Talon: Light On Weight, Light On Cost

One of the things that will attract people to Talon will definitely be its competitive pricing. If you search for massage guns now, you see that they will typically range from $300 to $400. Talon has an SRP of only $260, but if you pre-order now on their website you can get a huge discount that will equal to only $160 — which is a real steal. Not only is the pricing lighter than others but even the weight of this massage gun is as light as a feather. Talon only weighs 1.5 lbs while other brands are 2-2.5lbs, making it easy to pack and bring with you wherever you go. 

Talon: All The Features You Need In a Massage Gun

Having different features is important for Talon because people experience different levels of pain in their muscles. Setting the right parameters will give you optimal results without going over your pain threshold. Talon offers 4 different modes of speed :1800, 2250, 2700, and 3200 RPM, all at a 12.5mm amplitude. The variety of speed is important for users to explore, as the speed that works best for you will depend on the severity and location of your muscle pain. 

When you purchase your very own Talon set you will notice it will come with 4 different head attachments. You might be wondering what these are specifically for and we are here to break it down for you so you can properly use each attachment for optimal relief.

Talon massage gun at a glance, with ergonomic handle and quick fold features.

Easily Swap Attachments

The Fork attachment is known to be highly effective with the back area since you’re able to target the muscles surrounding the spine and your lower back. People love using this because of the extra pin point force you get from the attachment for faster relief. Plus, the increased area of effect ensures the entire muscle is able to recover properly. This can be extremely helpful for large muscle groups that are tight and helps with deep tissue recovery for enhanced mobility and less pain.

The Bullet attachment is used to target specific and smaller affected areas of the muscles. If the pain in your muscle is deeper than the top layer, then the bullet head is perfect because it uses its pinpoint precision to dig deeper into the muscle layers. It is suggested not to use this in bony areas as it may cause some pain. Additionally, you should not overuse it as it could have negative effects on your muscles.

The Flat attachment is great for subtle massages if you want to feel relaxed or get the muscles relaxed. Unlike the other heads that have pointed tips, the flat head can be used in almost the entire body, even the bony areas, without experiencing much pain. 

The Round Ball Attachment is usually the default head, and it comes attached to your massager when it ships. This is usually made from rubber or dense foam and is perfect to use when you’re feeling tight in the glutes, hamstrings, and quads area.

What sets Talon Apart From Other Brands?

When Brazyn created Talon, they wanted to make sure that it is easy to use, compact, and highly effective. However, the one feature that sets Talon apart from everything else is that specialized attachable arm that allows you to target your back without help from anyone else. If you search any other brand, you will find that this feature isn’t available from competing massage guns.

How Can I Order My Talon?

You can head over to the Brazyn website to learn more about the product and place your order. Talon will be launching in April 2022, and if you pre-order now you can get a $100 discount and get it for a minuscule $169! If you want to improve your recovery and you’re always on the go, then we suggest looking at this highly innovative massage gun.

Talon massage gun is available now for pre-order!

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