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ErgonBand Ergonomic Watch Band – The Watch Band Made for the Athlete (Apple, Samsung, Garmin)

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Latest, runs, Technology

The ErgonBand is the first ergonomic watch band, specifically designed to give you the most optimal viewing angle while on the go. Developed by the design group ElegaBand, ErgonBand is compatible with all major smartwatches, including those made by Apple, Samsung, and Garmin. Whether you’re running, working out, riding your bike, or even driving, the ErgonBand centers your smartwatch on your hand so that you can quickly glance at it, without interrupting your activity. 

ElegaBand’s patented smartwatch strap is innovation at its finest. You can wear the ErgonBand in four locations, depending on your preference and activity.

On your hand.

This is the most unique way of wearing your ErgonBand Ergonomic Watch Band. The hand placement gives you the perfect angle to quickly view your watch screen, especially while you work out or play sports. Even during a set, you can check your progress with a glance.

On your wrist.

You can strap your smartwatch on your wrist to conceal it when you want to, whether for a formal event or for security measures.

On your forearm.

If you wear workout gloves or wrist wraps, then the forearm is likely to be your favorite location for the ErgonBand. This location is especially convenient when you need your hands free.

On your arm.

Wearing the ElegaBand on your arm helps improve the accuracy of your heart rate readings. It’s also great if you’re lifting weights, and want to keep your smartwatch a bit more out of the way. 

The ErgonBand goes through a tedious process to create a perfect product. They’re handmade and use minimal machinery to produce, because they believe that quality work should be done with your hands – and that that’s where your smartwatch should be.

Rethink how you wear your smartwatch. Try ErgonBand for yourself, and experience the change when using the world’s first truly ergonomic smartwatch band!

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