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Frosty Ice Cream Without the Wait: Introducing the Digs Scoop Gun

by | Jan 8, 2023 | Blog, Entertainment, Latest, Toys & Hobbies

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Unfortunately, sometimes you have to put in the work to scoop out solid ice cream (which can be both annoying, and a workout for your upper body) before you get to enjoy the sweet treat.

With Digs, the ice cream scoop gun, there’s an easier way to deliver your ice cream from the container (both big and small!) straightaway to your cone. This small device made of metal and wood, allows you to take frozen ice cream that’s nearly un-scoopable with a traditional scooper and quickly deliver an ice cream cone to awaiting hands – either another’s or your own, of course.

The Digs Scoop Gun is a specialty ice cream scoop, specifically designed to make waiting on your ice cream to soften or warming the carton up a thing of the past. It is composed of a metal sphere at one end with scalloped edges that allows you to easily descend into hard ice cream, straight from the freezer. Because it defaults to a locked position, and because the specially-designed handle is made to fit into the palm of your hand, you won’t have to use your entire upper body to scoop out the ice cream like you would with a traditional scoop. After twisting the scoop and removing it from the ice cream carton, you can easily deposit the ice cream into a bowl or onto an ice cream cone by pulling on the release to push the ice cream out of the sphere.

Digs scoop gun in action! This is a GIF of the product's creator serving himself a delicious cone of vanilla ice cream using this ice cream scoop alternative.

The Digs scoop gun is perfect for kids’ birthday parties where little hands are eagerly awaiting their own ice cream cone, or for family dessert time. After all, if you have to wait for the ice cream to soften enough to scoop out easily, the ice cream will likely be melted by the time you get to the last kid in line. 

And if you’re serving ice cream professionally at an ice cream shop, at fairgrounds, or at festivals, the Digs scoop gun is a no-brainer. You’ll wonder how you scooped without it when you see how quickly you’re able to dish out the frozen dessert to awaiting customers!

 Basically, if you’re serving ice cream, you need the Digs scoop. No more waiting around for ice cream to soften enough to use a glorified spoon to scoop it out (a nearly impossible feat on arm day). Because you deserve to be able to eat your ice cream nice and frosty, right out of the freezer.

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Digs Scoop Gun on display.

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