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5 Crowdfunding Projects That You Should Back in January 2023

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Blog, Entertainment, Home & Living, Latest, Technology, Toys & Hobbies

Welcome to the first monthly round-up of Popcorn Gadget’s favorite crowdfunding projects! Every month, we are sharing our top 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back.

Why back a crowdfunding project?

Crowdfunding allows you to get the best price on these products that there will ever be, with exclusive perks and extras. You can also learn about the creators of the projects, which gives you more insight into where your money is going, and who it is going to. Plus, it gives you the chance to get in on the ground floor, and be part of new innovations and products that have yet to hit the market.

Crowdfunding opportunities are constantly changing as projects meet their goals and go on to be sold to more mainstream markets at higher prices.

Thus, we wanted to be sure you know about the best projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo before the opportunity passes to back them!

So, let’s get into the 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back in January 2023.

LaserPecker4 is the dual-laser engraver for nearly any material. This laser engraver offers a 450nm diode laser as well as a 1064nm pulsed fiber laser, and you can even program the 450nm diode laser to cut out sections of your engraving. From clear photo engravings, to engraving the back of laptops and smartphones, and even fine champagne flutes, the precision of this laser engraver is finer and faster than ever. 

LaserPecker isn’t new to the engraving world, but the LaserPecker4 offers an improved engraving accuracy at an impressive 8K, down to 0.01mm granularity. It’s also one of the fastest engravers, with an engraving speed of up to 2000mm/s.

A demonstration of LaserPecker's work on stone, silver, painted aluminum sheet, and wooden cardboard. The accuracy, versatility, and beauty of the final result are why we chose LaserPecker to be on our list of crowdfunding projects to back.

LaserPecker4 is perfect for personal use, such as party prep and home decor engraving. It’s also great for easily mass-producing engravings for commercial use. The laser even allows you to customize cylindrical objects, with three adjustable jaw attachments that support engraving objects with a diameter of 3mm to 200mm.

For the small business owner, you can easily program the LaserPecker4 for mass production. You can engrave multiple objects at one time and repeatedly engrave with one key operation. Not only is this laser more precise, but it’s also more efficient.

The only limitation of this laser cutter is your imagination. Pre-order yours here!

HooKee is the answer to gym-goers who travel often – the world’s first smart, portable gym. 

Not only is this gym portable, but it offers unlimited full-body workouts, with a max resistance of 100 lbs. You can enjoy toning up your muscles from the comfort of your home with this revolutionary smart gym. Halytus aimed to make an accessible and affordable alternative to a full home gym. They have succeeded with a product that delivers gym-level, full-body workouts and detailed instructional videos right at your fingertips with the Halytus app. 

With constant resistance, injury prevention, long duration, and real-time fitness data, HooKee isn’t just a piece of workout equipment – it’s also your personal trainer. With 100+ full-body workouts and detailed online training courses, you’ll be well-equipped to take your workouts to the next level. You can do this while on-the-go, or begin your fitness journey from the comfort of your living space. The actual device is very portable, weighing in at only 5.5 lbs. 

Get in the best shape of your life, from anywhere in the world, with HooKee.

The Digs ice cream scoop gun is already a Popcorn Gadget favorite – as you can see here

Oftentimes it’s impossible to enjoy ice cream when it’s frozen solid, and you have to wait until it is softened to even scoop it out of the carton. Who wants to have to wait for ice cream? The Digs scoop gun is solving the problem of shoulder strain when scooping out ice cream out of a carton fresh out of the freezer. 

The Digs device is a specialty ice cream scoop that is composed of a metal sphere at one end with scalloped edges, which allows you to easily scoop out your ice cream. Even when frozen solid.

Digs scoop gun, the ice cream scooper alternative, up close. This image visualizes the design described in the article contents.

The gun defaults into a locked position that allows you to push the sphere into the ice cream. Next, simply pull the trigger to release the ice cream scoop into an awaiting bowl, cone, or mouth, depending on your patience level.

The Digs ice cream gun features a specially-designed handle, made to fit in the palm of your hand. This means that the scoop not only saves your arm and shoulder from strain, but it also ensures that your hand is comfortable as well.

Especially if you’re a small business serving up ice cream, Digs is an essential. You’re going to wonder how you got by without it!

Never have to wait on your ice cream to soften up again. Get yours here!

The Lenercom PM4-12 will certainly be a necessity for every household once it hits the market. This 4-in-1 car jump starter, air pump, power bank, and LED light is essential for everyone who drives a car and doesn’t want to be left stranded. You can easily jumpstart your car; inflate a tire (on a car, bike, motorcycle, or even use it on a basketball); charge your laptop, phone, and more by using it as a power bank; and never fear the dark again with its bright LED light.

You can replace a flashlight, jump starter, air pump, and power station for a fraction of the cost of the combined total of these items. It’s small and portable, and can jumpstart your car in just three steps. First, attach the clamps, and then turn on the Lenercom PM4-12. Next, start your car. It’s that easy!   

How to use Lenercom. First, attach the clamps. Then, turn on PM4-12. Finally, start your engine.

It’s also a safer alternative. The Lenercom 4-in-1 offers short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, overcharge protection, and overcurrent protection. 

You’ll never be left in the dark, without power, with a dead engine, or with a tire in need of some air again with this 4-in-1 magic box. Get yours here!

Our last product is probably our most accessible, and potentially the most needed – especially if you sit at a desk all day for work. Incorrect posture can disrupt the flow of oxygen to your muscles, put pressure on your hips and tailbone, cause you pain, and can even be a factor of exhaustion at the end of the workday.

You can change this and correct your posture with the Lifted Lumbar, developed to relieve pressure on your spine with an adjustable lumbar that gives you the ideal posture when you’re sitting for long hours. This relieves pressure as well as pain, and gives you a more comfortable sitting experience. Lifted Lumbar gives you the support your spine needs while promoting optimal blood circulation and can be used in any seat, anywhere! 

Lifted Lumbar 360 view. Animated gif that calls out some of the main features and benefits of the product on our list of crowdfunding projects to back in 2023.

All you do is adjust the lumbar support with adjustable straps, and then simply enjoy better posture! And when you’re done, you can bring it with you – to the office, car, airplane, wheelchair, couch, and even bleachers.

Enjoy relief every time you sit down with the Lifted Lumbar, which you can back here.

These are the 5 crowdfunding projects that we think you should back in January 2023. Whether you back the project because you believe in it, to get the product at the best price it will ever be, or to get it with the exclusive perks it offers, we hope there was something in this list for you.

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