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GREEN DISC – Smart Bike Chain Care Tool

There are so many things to love about cycling – the wind in your hair, the exercise, being outdoors – but oiling the bike chain is not one of them.

GREEN DISC is the smart bike chain care tool, using organic lubricant and a no-mess system, that will allow you to remove the negatives of bike care while protecting the environment. The GREEN DISC is a disc of fiber that stores your lubricator between two plastic sides that keep your hands clean. The rotating lubricator stores up to 30 mL of lubricant and can be used up to 10 times before needing to be refilled. All you have to do is hold the side of the disk up to the bike chain, and turn the pedal to coat your chain in the lubricant. Repeat on the other side of the chain, and you’re good to go in no time at all!

Protect the environment (and your hands) with GREEN DISC.


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