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Augmotor Anymotor

Once you use the Anymotor, you’ll want to bring it with you wherever you go! The Anymotor is a cordless, versatile air blower that functions as an air pump, a blower, and even a hairdryer. From blow drying your hair on the go, to blowing up air mattresses, and even blowing up inflatable paddle boards, the Anymotor has endless uses for cleaning up messes and drying items on the go.

The Anymotor comes with three different mouthpieces, which filter the air for your needs. The flat mouth is perfect for detail work like cleaning the air vents on your car or getting between the couch cushions, as well as drying hair. The round mouth provides a wide sweep of air that’s perfect for drying clothes and clearing surfaces. And the sharp mouth is perfect for blowing up inflatable rafts, air mattresses, and more! The Anymotor will quickly become a must-have for beach trips, travels, and everyday cleaning.


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