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Dets Fitness Bike Pro

What if you could get in shape by playing video games? The DETS BIKE Pro is a standing bike that allows you to venture through 28 arcade stages in a game. You can play online games in their multiplayer mode, where you’ll make new friends in the Metaverse.

And your arms won’t miss out on their workout either – with controllers that pair with the bike to give you a full-body workout. While other exercise bikes with a video component might try to engage you with training videos and simulated races, they aren’t made to entertain you.

More likely than not, you’ll end up falling off track once again because you won’t want to get back on the bike. But with the DETS BIKE Pro, you’ll be immersed in a fun and captivating game, making exercise fun again. Combining the health benefits of cycling with the addictive qualities of video games, the DETS BIKE Pro is a perfect solution for those wanting to form better habits while still having fun.


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