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Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner

No one wants to breathe in airborne dust, cigarette smoke, or pet dander – but is your air purifier’s suction powerful enough for it to be effective?

The Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner is the first of its kind to utilize new technology that allows an air purifier to imitate the airflow of a tornado, on a much smaller scale. The problem with most air purifiers is that their suction is subpar, so most of the airborne dust ends up being blown around by the air filters instead of into the filter to be purified. The Trombe’s powerful vortex suction is strong enough to attract nearby airborne debris, and purifies it with a 3-step filtration system with 99.97% efficacy.

The Trombe can tackle more than just dust particles, such as heavier allergens like mold and pollen, and even pet dander! If you live in a home with a pet, this is a must!

Breathe easier in your home with the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner.


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