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AROFEEL Dog Shower Filter

Is bath time a stressful activity in your household for both you and your pet? Do they run from the room in fear when you ask them if they’re ready for a bath? Continuous stress on a dog is just as bad for their health as it is for humans. And of course, we want our pups to stay calm and comfortable! Shower Dog is a shower filter made of 100% edible ingredients with an all-natural fragrance that’s designed to calm your dog.

Simply allow your dog to get used to the smell (it isn’t strong, so it won’t overstimulate highly-sensitive pups’ noses), attach the shower filter where your showerhead meets the hose, and pop in the scent capsule. Now your pop will be calm and relaxed during bath time – and so will you! The shower filter fits any showerhead, and the scent does not leave a lasting odor. Make bath time fun again with Shower Dog!


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