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Diving Into New Adventures With Waydoo’s Underwater Scooter

by | May 3, 2022 | Blog, Latest, Technology, Toys & Hobbies, Travel & Outdoors

Waydoo was founded in 2018 and is known to invest and manufacture intelligence hardware for underwater enthusiasts. They’ve recently launched their new product called Subanodo which is a compact and lightweight underwater scooter that provides users steady forward momentum to enjoy their underwater activities from swimming and snorkeling, to diving.

The first few brands that came out with their own version of an underwater scooter did have a lot of positive feedback in terms of user experience. However, they did have some problems which could make made them inconvenient to carry around. These early models were very bulky and they were often so heavy that you wouldn’t be able to carry one around without help.

Waydoo’s Subnado has done a great job abolishing those problems, making underwater scooters easier to handle for all users. Currently, the Subnado is the smallest and the lightest underwater scooter available on the market. Its smooth aluminum body measures at 60mm in diameter and the propeller is slightly wider at 70mm. With this compact design, the Subnado fits easily in your bag. Additionally, it only weighs 1.4kg, making it easy to take along on your underwater trips.

Subando doesn’t only make it easier to carry around to your next underwater destination, but it’s built for maximum convenience and multi-purpose functions. If you’re a frequent flier and into water activities, then it’ll be helpful to know that the Subnado is carry-on approved. Also, they are looking to integrate a reverse charging system which allows you to use your Subnado to charge other devices (such as a smartphone or smart watch).

The Waydoo team has developed a unique Quick-release Mounting System that allows you to attach the Subnado to your arms and legs. The simple attachment to your joints gives you options where you feel you’re most in control when you’re out exploring under the sea. You can even attach it to your paddleboard or kayak for effortless paddling and smooth sailing thanks to Subando!

Waydoo has given us an adventurous way of capturing new content for your feed. If you’re into underwater adventures and seeing all the beauty the ocean has to offer, then why not share it with all your followers? Subnado comes with a GoPro compatible mount so you can capture all your favorite moments and improve your channels with awesome content. Now you can share all your underwater experiences with friends and family that might want to try it themselves.

Subnado by Waydoo has officially opened for pre-orders on KickStarter. If you agree that this could be the future of underwater activities, then you should check out the Subnado campaign page and become a backer yourself!

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