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Po Campo: Enhancing Biking Experiences Through Sustainability

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Blog, Latest, Technology, Travel & Outdoors

Po Campo sells a variety of bike bags and other accessories designed to carry any and all items needed when traveling by cycling. The company was built from the ground up by one founder with a goal to promote sustainable practices and charitable giving in transportation.

What is Po Campo?

While attending college in Germany, Maria Boustead developed a passion for biking and used it as her primary source of transportation. She saw it as not only a chance for exercise and adventure, but also an affordable and eco-friendly way to get around. After moving back to Chicago, biking became her best mode of transportation.

Maria had everything she needed, except for a bike bag. As someone who went to school for industrial design, she needed to carry many items with her when commuting to work. With inspiration at her side, Maria designed a sweat and distraction free bag with eye-catching colors that became Po Campo.

Brand Values 

Po Campo focuses on four specific brand values. These brand values shape the development and evolution of all their products. 

Boldness gives Po Campo its inspiration and confidence to invent, create, and design new products. They believe stasis holds back new challenges and the exploration of new ideas. By being bold and confident, Po Campo continues challenging, connecting, and exploring. 

Purpose is central to everything Po Campo does. Po Campo insists on moving the world forward and is intent on doing what’s right for the planet.

Engagement adds traction to the wheels of Po Campo. Po Campo believes in the values of multiculturalism, inclusivity, and differences in viewpoints. By staying engaged in these factors and multi-sensory environments, Po Campo’s charitability thrives.

 Fun and enjoyment keep Po Campo’s morale and motivation running. Po Campo understands that life can be challenging and difficult, but that this shouldn’t get in the way of the many positive experiences people have in life. To them, fun and good laughs on the journey are the most important factors in capturing the wondrous experiences of biking, scooting, and skating. 

Design Philosophy

Po Campo takes design very seriously. As an industrial designer, Maria implemented a “No Compromise” philosophy to the design of Po Campo’s products. This ensures that the product’s style, versatility, and functionality are carefully designed with thought and thoroughly tested. No one should ever experience a dilemma between mobile and sustainable lifestyles and love for a product.


Sustainability is the most important value Po Campo holds. Since the beginning in 2009, they’ve dedicated and inspired people to commute with bikes and scooters and live sustainable lifestyles. In 2018, Po Campo created a sustainability commitment center as part of a plan to double down their efforts.

2018: Quest for Sustainability documentary series was created depicting the start of Po Campo’s journey to sustainability and interviews with the industry’s experts.

2019: Po Campo introduced Repreve, a fabric created 100% from recycled wanted bottles.

2020: Single-use polybags used in Po Campo’s primary packaging was eliminated.

2021: Visi-Hemp was introduced, a blend of organic hemp, recycled polyester, and reflective yarn, to create more fabric material that is Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified.

2022: 80% of Po Campo’s lining fabric transitioned to 100% Repreve recycled fabric lining. A new color made out of recycled ripstop fabric was also introduced.

The hemp and polyester fabrics Po Campo uses highlights their commitment to sustainability. Unlike cotton, hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, or defoliants to produce. It also consumes less water, grows faster, and gives nutrients back to the soil. The polyester line comes from already recycled water bottles and other plastics. Using polyester keeps plastic from ending up in landfills, the ocean, and community water supplies. Additionally, it consumes less energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizes dependence on products made from petroleum-based material. Over 25 million plastic bottles have been recycled to create Repreve.

The warehouses recycle all cardboard boxes used and are partnered with EcoEnclose for mailing. The boxes are made completely out of recycled content, half of which is from past consumers, and are recyclable in any stream that accepts thin film.

Social and Ethical Standards

Po Campo is passionate about social and ethical standards and they ensure that any and all vendors they work with comply with standards regarding association, child and forced labor, discrimination, environmental laws and regulations, and remuneration. Furthermore, they partnered with a certain boutique factory who follows their Code of Conduct as well as maintains relations with certified sustainable suppliers.

Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment to diversity and inclusivity is a belief Po Campo believes is essential and uncompromisable for a successful business. All applicants to the company receive equal consideration for employment without any regards to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Po Campo embraces anti-exclusion when creating content. Their approach takes the form of conscious and deliberate inclusivity of language and imagery, internal brand strategy, messaging, sites and social channels, and creativity. All language used is corrected and audited with regards to world events and current affairs. 

Po Campo fulfills this commitment by following a list of guidelines acknowledging the history of white supremacy throughout the industries of biking, design, and other outdoor fields of work. This list of guidelines is practiced throughout all branches of the company.


Furthermore, charitability is another core passion of Po Campo. The company believes that lower carbon footprints and sustainable manufacturing processes are essential to preserving the environment. Therefore, Po Campo has designed a program aimed to promote advocacy and donations towards saving the planet.

For all purchases made on a Po Campo bag, the consumer is given a choice to donate 1% of the bag’s MSRP to one of 1.5M US-based 501c(3) nonprofit local or national organizations using their partner, Shopping Gives. Po Campo shares relationships with many organizations including World Bicycle Relief, 1% for the Planet, and League of American Bicyclists. Additionally, they also give out forms for consumers who work with non-profit organizations specializing in bike advocacy who are in the market for silent auction donations.

Popular Products

Here are some of Po Campo’s popular products. Each of these products can be used together in some way, shape or form. Before, carrying packs or belongings on bikes wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. With some of these products from Po Campo, carrying items on a bike becomes less of an issue, as there are a few different products to choose from that are capable of securely attaching to many different parts of the bike. Furthermore, the products also come in many different colors, giving consumers a choice of style and luxury they feel fits them the most.

The Bergen Pannier 2

Po Campo’s Bergen Pannier 2 is a bike bag that attaches to the rear of the bike. The bag is waterproof and comes with strong, magnetic buckles. The waterproofing extends throughout the entire bag, from the built-in rain cover, to the zippers. Additionally, it also comes with an extra hook for bumpy rides. The pannier holds up to 25 lbs worth of items and has pockets dedicated for laptops and water bottles. When it’s time to hop off your bike, the bag becomes a crossbody bag so it can be easily carried.

Bergen Pannier 2

The Po Campo Bergen Pannier 2 attached to a bike.

The Kinga Handlebar Bag 2

The Kinga Handlebar Bag 2 connects to the bike’s handlebars. When  the pannier is full and a little extra space is needed, the handlebar bag is the perfect fit for extra accessories. This bag is also waterproof and features waterproof zippers for all pockets. Moreover, it is compatible with any bicycle, and the straps keep it secure throughout the whole ride. Like the Bergen Pannier 2, the handlebar bag also features a crossbody adjustable strap.

Kinga Handlebar Bag 2

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag 2 on the bike handlebars.

The Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag

Looking for a bike bag that will fit on the rear trunk of the bike? The Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag is the perfect fit. This bag fastens securely to the rear surface or rack with its adjustable and secure velcro straps. It contains many interior and exterior pockets, giving ample room for what’s needed for the ride. Similarly, the Chelsea has an easily adjustable strap for carrying when you reach your destination. 

Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag

The Po Campo Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag attached to the bike.

The Hudson Saddle Bag 2

Po Campo also features a saddle bag. The Hudson Bike Saddle Bag 2 is a small bag with the ability of fastening to the underside of the seat. The straps used in this bag keep it securely fastened, even when the ride gets bumpy. It contains both an internal and external pocket for small belongings needed for the journey. When the Saddle Bag is ready for off-bike use, the wristlet and belt clip straps make carrying it easier. 

Hudson Saddle Bag 2

The Po Campo Hudson Saddle bag 2 under bike seat.

The Protective Banana Case

Perhaps the most interesting item created by Po Campo, the Protective Banana Case is exactly what it sounds like: a case specifically designed to hold a banana. The banana remains protected and unbruised while it rattles around inside the bike bags. Worried the banana is too big? This bag fits bananas of all sizes. 

Protective Banana Bag

The Po Campo Protective Banana Case next to a blue helmet and bag.

The Aster Hip Pack

Looking for a nice, easy to use hip pack? The Aster Hip Pack can be used by any means of transportation. This pack is a hybrid between fanny packs and cross body pack as it features an adjustable strap that can be used comfortably around the hip or shoulder. Additionally, the pack features reflectors on it so drivers will take notice in the dark. The hip pack is spacious and has four different sized pockets. The main pocket is capable of holding large objects up to tablets with 10 inch screens.

Aster Hip Pack

The Po Campo Aster Hip Pack around a man's shoulder.

The Ara Reflective Backpack

Just in the market for a backpack? The 20L Ara Reflective Backpack is a perfect choice for comfort, convenience, safety and day/night usage. With a spacious inside and extra pockets, everything needed for the journey easily fits inside the adventure. Furthermore, it contains other useful features such as a retractable scooter hook and a harness for the helmet. 

Ara Reflective Backpack

The Po Campo Ara Reflective Backpack on a woman's back.

A Collection Just for Kids

Po Campo doesn’t just cater to adults. With Po Campo’s kids collection line, children can also carry their school or play date materials while  preserving the environment. Their products range from handlebar bags and water bottle carriers to bike baskets and backpacks. Each of these products are made from the same materials as the adult products and have waterproof features. For kids just looking to carry a water bottle around for school, the BLIP Water Bottle Feed Bag is perfect. Parents looking for new backpacks for their children will enjoy the Zinger Backpack, a pack that can be easily carried around and can be fastened to your child’s bike.


Po Campo holds its values and beliefs to heart. Sustainability, inclusivity, and charitability have always been the key to Po Campo and they continue to work to improve, explore, and discover more ways to promote their values. Along with this hard work, Po Campo continues to show communities that luxury items can be achieved using sustainable business practices. They also embrace their practices by giving everyone, regardless of their age, a chance to contribute to sustainability and promote environmentally friendly practices. As kids go to school with their Po Campo packs, they can share it with their friends and create inspiration and motivation within their friend groups. Po Campo continues to amaze consumers and is a pristine example of a business with environmentally friendly practices.    

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