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Aqua Spa Inflatable Jacuzzi: A Day at the Spa at Home

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Blog, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology

Looking for a jacuzzi that doesn’t need to be set in a permanent location? Then the Aqua Spa Inflatable Jacuzzi is the perfect fit for you! As no extra tools are required for the set up process, the portable jacuzzi only takes 5 minutes to inflate and is capable of fitting families and friends of 4-6 at a time. 

What Does it Come With?

This blow up hot tub comes with 2 filter cartridges, 1 filter cover, 2 air valve caps, 1 drainage bung, 1 zip cover, 1 ground sheet, 2 repair kits, 2 child safety keys, 1 inflation hose, 1 water inlet outlet spanner, and a 1 way valve

The Aqua Spa comes with a variety of features including a built-in pump and a digital control panel. It’s compact, making a location for it in your backyard easy to find. Along with the pump and control panel, the hot tub features grab handles, making it even easier to move around. Since the digital control panel is on the tub, you can easily adjust the temperatures of the tub without having to step out of it. Furthermore, the portable jacuzzi comes with 2 extra replaceable filter cartridges, as well as a filter cover, groundsheet, 2 repair kits, air valve caps, 2 child safety keys, an insulated zip cover for minimizing heat loss, and more. 

A Spa Day at Home

With 130 high-powered jets, this inflatable jacuzzi’s heating system heats up water to an exceptional 104 degrees, allowing you to experience the benefits of a trip to your local spa in your own backyard. Additionally, the air jet system provides bubble messaging capabilities, while the filtration system causes the water to be gentler on your skin. This makes for an even more soothing experience for you, your family, and your friends. When you’re done using the inflatable jacuzzi, all you need to do is drain the water and deflate it. This process is quick, and it takes less than 20 minutes to fully deflate. 

Setup and Maintenance 

The Aqua Spa Inflatable Jacuzzi takes up to about 60-75 minutes to fill the tub with water, allowing you ample time to take care of other things before you begin your at home spa experience.

Filter Maintenance

In terms of filter maintenance, you should change your cartridge every 7 days if you plan on using it regularly. However, if you’re only planning to use it on the weekends from Friday to Sunday, the filter will need changing every 2 weeks. For more frequent uses, it may need to be changed more often. Moreover, it is recommended that you check your filter for condition and cleanliness after every use. Use clean water to clean out any specks of dirt or other particles that have accumulated in the filter. When you start to notice the filter becoming discolored, the filter has been used for too long. However, as long as you keep an eye on your filter, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

Weather Conditions

In terms of weather, the tub can be used in all types of weather. However, using the hot tub during extreme weather events such as windy days, thunder, and lightning storms is not recommended.     


Worried about the inflatable jacuzzi breaking or malfunctioning? Fortunately, the jacuzzi comes with a 1-year warranty, meaning you’ll be able to send back your Aqua Spa if issues arise with the heating elements at no additional charge. Furthermore, the cover and liner have a 6 month coverage and are eligible for complete replacement if manufacturing issues arise.

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Aqua Spa Inflatable Jacuzzi is the perfect portable hot tub for fall and winter.

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