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5 Crowdfunding Projects That You Should Back in February 2023

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Blog, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Home & Living, Latest, Technology, Travel & Outdoors

Welcome to February’s monthly round-up of Popcorn Gadget’s favorite crowdfunding projects! Every month, we are sharing our top 5 crowdfunding projects that you should back.

Why Back a Crowdfunding Project?

Crowdfunding allows you to acquire exclusive perks, deals, and extras. Furthermore, you can learn about the creators, what inspired them, and their delivery timeline. That way, you know to whom and where your money is going. What’s more? You can be a part of new innovations and products before they go live! 

Here are 5 crowdfunding projects you should back in February 2023.

The GIGA PUMP 4.0 integrates inflation, vacuum deflation, and a lantern into a tiny, lightweight device. Without three separate devices weighing you down, you’ll be able to pack lighter and go further to experience more beautiful scenery. Its motor can reach a high speed of 50,000 RPM, inflate fast, and reach an air pressure of 4.2kPa. For deflation, simply press the button and deflate. The 3-in-1 pump is perfect for air mattresses, inflatable pools, and pool toys.

At the bottom of the GIGA PUMP, eight LED lamp beads are at your disposal. With three levels of brightness, you have access to 35 hours of lighting. Its magnetic suspension hook allows for easy attachment by either hooking it or attaching it to something magnetic. 

Whether it be for an air bed for camping or a yoga ball for your home, the GIGA PUMP 4.0 will be your friend.

Lighten the Load

Designed and conceptualized in Canada, the Kootenay Carabiner combines design, strength, and functionality. Its titanium body adds toughness and corrosion resistance while maintaining an incomparable lightness, making it the perfect tool for everyday carry. Its overlapping partition lever allows you to easily secure and access your essentials, including small key rings:

Moreover, the back clip provides an easy attachment to your pants, jackets, and backpacks. Unlike other carabiners, you don’t need a belt loop to use it. With the Kootenay Carabiner, your everyday items remain safe and secure without the fear of them falling out of your pockets, no matter what type of pants you’re wearing.

Keep Your Key Chains Secure

The Revolve Chair is the perfect seating solution for ultimate comfort. The beanbag chair is designed to easily flip and spin so you can maximize your comfort. Sit on the giant base and back cushion for relaxation heaven. Adopt a more upright posture using the small wedge for your lower back. When you’re feeling tired, sink into the giant supportive base for a soft and snuggly pillow.

Revolve’s dual shell membrane creates the perfect balance of softness and support that follows your body’s movement. Additionally, it comes with a washable cover you can easily remove and wash to keep your beanbag chair dust-free. Wherever you work or lounge, Revolve provides you with all the comfort you need.

Lounge in Comfort

CyberBag is an anti-theft, waterproof backpack that provides extra security for your day-to-day items. Its well-structured design makes it easy to carry and attach to your suitcase handle. Since the pack is a clamshell, it has a full perimeter zipper and ample room for clothes. The interior also features some cargo pockets for travel gear as well as velcro fasteners for cables. For laptops and tablets, CyberBag has dedicated pockets with padded cushioning for a tablet up to 12.9” and a laptop up to 16”. 

Worried about pickpockets? The backpack’s hidden anti-theft pocket at the back is designed to protect your wallet, passport, and phone:

The CyberBag is the perfect fit for you to travel in style while keeping your belongings safe from harm.

Protect Your Items From Anything

Meet CozyThrow and CozyCo: blankets for adults and children that keep you cozy at the perfect temperature. Both are made with soft, fleece fabric to maximize comfort and warmth. Furthermore, the blanket features fingers and feet pockets, so you can adjust your coziness while working or lounging. 

When it needs to be cleaned, just throw it in the washer/dryer and put it right back on! Now the whole family can experience an elevated level of comfort while enjoying a game or movie.

Stay Cozy With One Blanket

These are the 5 crowdfunding projects we think you should back in February 2023. Whether you back a project for exclusive perks, deals, or simply because you believe in the concept, we hope the list has something that interests you.

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