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Huffy Bikes – Motoric Electric Folding Bike

Folding E-bikes continue to gain popularity and Huffy Bikes’s Motoric Electric Folding Bike is at the forefront of the options out there! This E-bike is designed for longer rides, easier uphill journeys, and extra storage. Pedal assist will reach up to 20 mph, making the bike easy to start with and get used to using for those new to E-bikes.

The folding mechanisms of its easy-folding alloy frame makes commute and travel convenient as well as making it easier to store! Its wide tires and Dual Disc brakes deliver solid control and comfort throughout your ride.

Need a way to store your bag? The Motor Adult E-bike has you covered with its rear rack storage space! Attach your bag to the rack where it will stay safe and secure for the ride. Additionally, your bike comes with a two year limited warranty on electrical components, as well as a 10 year warranty on the aluminum frame!

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