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Huffy Bikes – H300 Electric Folding Scooter

For those of you looking for something smaller like an e-scooter, The H300 Electric Folding Kick Scooter from Huffy Bikes is a perfect pick! The scooter folds from the front frame so you can carry it with ease! The motor runs at 250 watts and when running, is barely audible! Digital speed and battery level is displayed on the screen, making it easier to gage your speed and watch your power level. Moreover, the headlight and tail light are LED and its handlebar bell adds more to signal people when you’re approaching. Additionally, the tires are puncture-proof so no need to worry about flattening your tires! With its 2-in-1 foot-powered and kick-scooter action design, your ride will be easily convenient for you regardless of which mode you use it. For adults and teens, the H300 will make a perfect gift for them.

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