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Trexo Wheels From Trexo Innovation

Looking to boost your photography skills with something to make capturing simpler? Trexo Innovation has a variety of gadgets made to take digital photography to another level! Most notably, their newest product, Trexo Wheels, make digital photography easier and more accessible.

Control Your Shots

This camera mount allows phones and larger cameras to capture moments, views, and interviews with an easy press of a button! Trexo Wheels can turn 360, providng the best orbit, slide, and dolly shots possible. Additionally, it features a timelapse mode, so you can just set it up and leave it!

With the use of the Trex Wheels Application, your phone instantly connects to your Trexo Wheels when unfolded. Furthermore, you can manually set it to perform however you want it to and have it repeat the process with a single tap! So if you’re looking for upgrades orn simply starting out, Trexo Wheels is a great place to start.

Enhance Your Photography


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