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OXS Thunder Gaming Sound System

The future of gaming is here, and it’s the OXS Thunder 7.1.2 Gaming Sound System with the world’s first satellite Neck Speaker. Even if you have a great monitor and the latest games, you’re missing out on the gaming experience you could be having if you’re using last year’s sound system. The OXS Thunder 7.1.2 Gaming Sound System with Neck Speaker is the ultimate game audio upgrade. The sleek speaker sits under your monitor and the neck speaker acts as a cushion, resting behind your neck.

Different games need different settings, which is why the system has distinct game modes – FPS mode for shooting, RAC mode for racing, and MOBA mode for a team of fun. You’ll be immersed in sound with the audio surrounding you in 9 different directions – 5 front channels, 2 channels from behind, 1 built-in extra bass, and 2 up-firing channels. It also has a built-in woofer to intensify your immersion, tapping into your physical senses as well as audio.

The woofer is boosted by 4 passive radiators and designed with coaxial architecture – meaning it may be small, but its sound is mighty. And with reactive lighting, you’ll have the sound, sight, and feel of being right there in the game. But it’s not just for gaming – you can play your jams and light up the room with the speaker’s reactive lighting to set the mood for a dance party or date night!

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