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Nutcase Helmets Baby Nutty Helmet

You wouldn’t trust just any helmet on your little one, would you? You’re looking for the safest and most comfortable helmet for their little head, and you want someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to making helmets. This means that buying a super cheap one in the same place you buy dog food, might not be the best idea.

A Product Featuring Safety and Creativity

When it comes to the best in helmets, you want Nutcase Helmets – specifically their Baby Nutty line, designed specifically for your little one.

Nutcase Helmets are not only the cutest around, with an array of bright and colorful designs, but they are the best in the business. The Baby Nutty helmet has been an industry leader in both safety and comfort for the last three years. It’s been updated, featuring the MIPS safety feature and their baby-specific EPS protective foam, which is designed to protect those precious, growing brains. A secure fit will not only be the most comfortable for finicky toddlers, but will also ensure that they stay protected. And with a magnetic chin buckle, there won’t be any pinches on little chins – which means they won’t fear their helmet!

And on top of all of these safety features, Nutcase Helmets thought ahead to the fact that protecting little heads means that a little neck will be supporting it, so they made the helmet lightweight to ensure it’s not too cumbersome.

Trail Biking Friendly

We know that your little one wants to go with you wherever you go, so these helmets are engineered, tested, and CPSC-certified for 1 year of age and older, so you can start them young on the bike trails!

If you’re looking for the bike helmet that’s going to not only keep your child the safest, but that they’ll actually want to wear, check out Nutcase’s line of Baby Nutty helmets.


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