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The LIVALL BH51M NSO helmet offers the quality users have come to expect from LIVALL, with a new shape, better sound, and more features designed to keep you safe. The first helmet to elevate your riding experience with a premium speaker system with sound by JBL, the LIVALL helmet allows you to listen to your favorite music hands-free. The helmet comes with a remote control that goes on the handlebars to indicate turns, braking, accept calls and use your phone’s digital assistant (Siri, Bixby, etc.), and control your music selection. The remote control connects to the helmet’s 53 LED lights to signal your movements to drivers on all sides.

The smart bike helmet made with years of experience-focused research is designed to keep you safer than any other bike helmet. With hands-free options for navigation and connecting to your phone, you’ll be able to keep both hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road. The helmet also offers a PTT walkie-talkie feature, and fall detection, which sends your emergency contact your precise location – a life-saving feature. Not only will this helmet enhance your commute with full-bodied sound and ease of use with the remote, but it will give loved ones peace of mind to know that they can reach you while you ride, as well as be alerted if something unfortunate were to happen. And because we know that others will also take note of your helmet’s features and elite technology, we’ve also included an anti-loss alarm, to ensure that your investment stays just that – yours. If you’re looking for a helmet with the best safety features and the best sound on the market, you’re looking for the LIVALL BH51M NSO Helmet.


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